Everyone Is Wearing Ankle Boots With Leggings Again

We may have previously only associated leggings with a workout or a sofa day, but now, they’re a fully functioning piece in our everyday wardrobe (no matter the plans.) While we’re big fans of leggings with knee-high boots, it seems as though A-listers have cottoned on to a slightly more surprising pairing and are wearing their leggings with one shoe style in particular: Ankle boots. 

Yes, you read correctly—ankle boots (and not just UGGS) have made their way back into celebrities’ legging outfits, many of which are heeled iterations. We’ve seen Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, for example, in her long vest, athletic leggings, and pointed suede ankle boots. And then there’s Rachel Stevens who has worn The Row’s beloved zip boots with leggings and a cosy knit.

Need further proof? Scroll for the celeb-approved legging-and-ankle-boot outfits that may encourage you to follow suit. 

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