How To Wear With Maxi Skirt Trend If You’re Petite

If you thought all trends were created equal, think again. Some are ultra-wearable, and others look like they were made only to be posted on Instagram. Some are accessible at a range of prices, and others can often feel a little out of reach. Some trends come around and last for seasons upon seasons, while others fizzle out before you even considered buying in. And of course, some work for my petite 5’2″ frame, and others feel off the table!

If that last sentence resonated with you, stick with me for a minute. The maxi-skirt trend in 2023 not only suits we petite folks but also checks all the above boxes and more—it’s because the silhouettes are less voluminous and bohemian than previous years. This is less about a tiered, hippy maxi and more about sleek lines in slimmer cuts and plain fabrics. I’m aware of the fact that maxi skirts can, on petite people, come up too long. So I’d suggest looking for styles that appear to graze the ankles of the ecommerce models or you can often find a long midi is just the perfect length—you may have to try on a few iterations to get it right (or make good friends with your local tailor) but whether you splurge on a designer style or find a perfect fit at H&M or Zara iteration, you’ll wear your purchase for months to come and be so glad you bought in. Looking for proof? Below, you’ll see how to style the maxi skirt for all types of occasions, from casual to dressy, and get a chance to shop my favourites along the way. Just keep scrolling to get started. 

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