I’ve Assembled 5 Easy Outfits Around COS’s Ribbed Tube Dress

The epitome of easy style, relevant for every season, perfect for every outing and deserving of a place in my wardrobe, COS’s tube dress may be simple but it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. This particular dress has been a best-seller for the high-street brand over the last few months, with a full size range proving hard to find. However, after receiving a healthy restock this week, I thought it was high time I gave it the spotlight it deserves. 

To prove just how hard-working it could be in your wardrobe, I’ve assembled five easy-to-put-together outfits around COS’s ribbed tube dress, using additional shopping from the brand to illustrate them. Perfect for spring and beyond, see how I plan on wearing this COS dress over the next few months. 

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