Leo Weekly Horoscope


Of course you already know that the week kicks off on Monday, October 31 with witches, ghouls, goblins and maybe a sexy skeleton or two. But this Halloween, the frisky Aquarius moon is bobbing for apples in your seventh house of relationships, highlighting this romantic side of Scorpio season. For couples, this is a perfect opportunity to infuse a little extra amour into your creativity—ideally in inspiring new ways. Which celebrity duo could you two pull off—either real stars or characters from the Netflix-moviedom universe? Or think anthropomorphically: salt and pepper shakers? Fire and ice? The playfully mysterious Halloween vibes make icebreaker conversations easier for singles, like posing a mock-serious question about someone’s inventive costuming. If you’re having a rare bout of shyness, even better! You’ve got a built-in excuse to hide behind a masked bold persona and let your wild side out. Hunt down last year’s body paint and howl at the moon with a sexy werewolf!

Then on Tuesday, that Aquarian moon reaches its balancing quarter phase, still heating up your seventh house of dynamic duos and offering a reflective moment to evaluate your closest connections. Even the happiest relationships can use a tune-up every now and then. Loyal Leos take permabonding VERY seriously. But it’s easy to slide down a slippery slope of people-pleasing or denying your authentic needs to keep the peace. Here’s a moment to objectively, dispassionately consider how equal the give-and-take in your union is; what could you do or suggest to bring things more into parity? You have sole responsibility for your own happiness, so if it’s down a quart, reclaim what’s yours. Sometimes a little breathing room in a too-tight connection can restore the harmony. Single? What is the most important thing in a mate? Focus solely on calling in THAT and see if you can’t attract an interesting prospect. Stuck in a stagnant situationship? If a commitmentphobe is making you crazy, give yourself a stern talking-to, then give THEM an ultimatum: Go all in or go away.

As a generous Leo, you like to see the highest good in people and assume everyone lives by your standards. But harsh reality-check here: Not all people you’re going to meet have your best interests at heart. You may get a sharp reminder of that on Saturday, when loving Venus in your house of home and family faces off with capricious Uranus in your career corner. Someone might be jealous of the time you spend at work—or your accomplishments and professional relationships. If there’s ANY merit to their complaints, then it’s worth taking a clear-eyed look at your behavior and whether, just maybe, you’re using work to deflect certain emotions. Some compromising may be needed to keep the peace. For the next week or two, make a genuine effort to spend more quality time with them, even sharing a little “insider info” and bouncing ideas off them so they don’t feel excluded. On another note, you can use this electrifying energy to spark some new ideas and bust through creative blocks. Do some out-of-the-ordinary things this weekend, like exploring unfamiliar parts of town and popping into those cool indie shops you’re always too busy to check out!


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