Loewe’s Logo Tank Top Is Still a Smart Spring Buy

First appearing on the luxury label’s spring/summer 2022 catwalk, it was unsurprisingly picked up straight away by the industry’s most stylish. It proved especially popular with the wave of minimalist influencers that showed how to incorporate the style into our everyday wardrobes. And so, of course, when the tank finally landed in stock it sold out instantly. Last year the tank was like gold dust, and with every new colour and iteration that arrived a race to the checkouts followed.

Unlike some cult buys where the initial buzz wears off after a year or so, the popularity of Loewe’s tank top doesn’t seem to have waned one bit as we head into spring/summer 2023. In fact, searches for ‘Loewe tank top’ are up a whopping 8600% compared to this time last year. It’s still the number one item on my spring wish list, and I know for a fact that I’m not alone. Luckily, the brand has listened to our calls and brought back the style for another year, seemingly with a much heftier amount of stock behind it, because—incredibly—it’s currently available right now in a number of colours on the brand’s site. 

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