Our Editors’ Striped-Jumper Picks, From Arket to H&M

As we know, fashion isn’t a one-style-fits-all kind of game, so when all our editors fall in love with the same item, you know it’s noteworthy. Although we appreciate a lot of new styles and trends, they don’t always make the transition from wish list into our wardrobes, but when rounding up the in-store images from our Great Try-On recently, we found all our editors had reached for the same item and given it rave reviews, no matter the store: striped jumpers for the win.

It’s no surprise that each of our editors has chosen to add this specific style to their wardrobes. Breton-inspired knits remain central to the French uniform thanks to their effortless ease and ability to make an outfit look expensive. It’s no wonder that the best capsule wardrobes tend to feature stripes, as they don’t take much to style—just add jeans and a jacket, and you have a timeless transitional look for autumn. As a layering piece, this cosy knit feels relevant for the upcoming seasons, but thanks to its classic status, a decent striped jumper will remain in your outfit rotations year after year. 

What’s more is that this timeless staple can be worn in various outfit formulas for totally different personal styles. Just peep at our editors choices, from jeans to leather trousers and even maxi skirts. When an item is that versatile, you know that your cost per wear will make it a worthy investment. So as you hunt for your next winter coat or new-season boots, it’s sensible to consider adding a striped jumper into the mix. 

Scroll on to see our editors’ top striped-jumper picks from their try-ons, as well as our edit of the best Breton knits to wear now and love forever. 

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