Paris Packing List: All You Need to Dress Like a Local

Part of the appeal when visiting Paris (aside from witnessing the many jaw-dropping cultural landmarks, of course) is adopting its classic uniform in a bid to blend in with French natives, and there are ways to do so, whilst travelling light. The French uniform is attainable as it consists of a few items with maximum styling options, many of which are pieces you’re likely to already have in your arsenal. 

The simplicity of Parisian style makes it attainable, and easy to replicate in a matter of steps. Of course, there are the more fanciful items, but with a handful of considered pieces, you can chop and change in accordance with the forecast and occasion. Having lived here for six weeks so far, I like to think of myself as something of an honourary Parisian. If you too are thinking of coming to the city for a trip, be it long or short, I know from experience that these 19 items will ensure you look chic throughout your stay.

So, whether you’re planning to spend the small hours in one of the many eclectic nightspots the city has to offer or are setting out on daytime café jaunts, these pieces can be interchanged to create a slew of elevated looks for your trip to Paris, that you’ll get just as much wear out of afterwards. Keep scrolling to see my Paris packing list and the outfits I assembled from it. Bon voyage!

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