Rochelle Humes’ and Fashion Editors Rate These Zara Trousers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you happen to recognise these Zara trousers, as they’ve been popping up on social media, specifically TikTok, non-stop over the past few weeks. An update on classic black trousers, Zara’s wide-leg pair feature a contrast, fold-over waistband, which gives them a high-end feel. I first saw them on my US colleague, Eliza Huber, who styled them with some black square-toe boots and a cropped black jacket for an easy look that nods to spring.

Now Humes, who uploaded a snap of herself wearing these Zara trousers over the weekend, presents us with a new way to wear them. With a low waistline, Humes counteracts this by styling them with thick-banded underwear, a crop top, relaxed-fit blazer, and chunky trainers. 

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