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MONTH OF December

Happy birthday season to YOU! The Sun is in Sagittarius for its annual hurrah until December 21. With much calmer skies than the last couple years (read: no more eclipses in your sign)—and no pandemic shutting the world down—you should be able to celebrate yourself in style. 

Your ruling planet, globetrotting Jupiter, is out of retrograde and moving through your Pisces-ruled domestic zone until December 20. Perhaps an early trip back home to see your loved ones is in order—or an invite for them to see you? 

Once Neptune ends its five-month retrograde in Pisces this December 3, you could have the perfect conditions for a family reunion. Not so much later in the month, though, when Mercury, the other planet associated with travel, turns retrograde from December 29 until January 18. If at all possible, do your holiday journeys as long before year’s end as possible. 


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You’ve got money on your mind in a big way, especially starting December 21. That’s when the Sun moves into Capricorn for a month—this year accompanied by mental Mercury, charming Venus and intense Pluto. You could be quite the magnet for abundance at the end of this year, especially at the December 23 Capricorn new moon. These lunar vibes carry into the next day, turning the season of giving into a prosperous one. Feel free to be generous with those in need—and those who’ve been generous with you!

More than anything, you’d like to end the year feeling more stable—not in a boring or stuck way, but with the comfort of certainty, clear on a direction to point your ambitious Archer’s arrows. That could happen, but it might take a little longer than planned with Mercury retrograde until mid-January. Use the last days of the year to soul-search AND research. Revisit old projects that might have gotten back-burnered. Is there profitable potential in any?

New Year’s Eve has “low-key” written all over it, thanks to a Taurus moon in your sensible, healthy sixth house. You might decide to volunteer for a little community service work, clean and organize your space or opt for a candlelight yoga class instead of a noisy party. (We’re not saying you can’t do both, of course.) With love planet Venus and engrossing Pluto in Capricorn and your luxe second house, a sensual and decadent celebration could be in order—with romance on the menu if you like!

Sagittarius season until December 21

Let loose and have a little fun, Sagittarius! It’s been a long year, and you’ve waited oh-so patiently for your time to shine. With the Sun in Sagittarius until December 21, you can stretch out your birthday and get back out into the world. Put your solo projects first and prioritize anything you want to finish before the calendar turns. This is your time to revel in your freedom and take care of numero uno. Make a big ask while the bold Sun is in your corner!

Neptune retrograde ends on December 3

The five-month fog that obscured your emotional and foundational fourth house clears up. Hazy Neptune moves forward, helping you to get clear about your feelings or untangle knots around family, your living situation or children.

Home and family matters should begin to improve on December 3, when nebulous Neptune finishes a five-month backspin in your domestic fourth house. If you’ve been at odds with a female relative since mid-June or have struggled to feel comfortable anywhere (including in your own skin), that will dissipate. And with the holidays upon us, that doesn’t come a moment too soon! Be proactive, and clear the air BEFORE heading home if there’s lingering tension. That way, you can walk into a peaceful scene with your clan instead of triggering a meltdown.

In the market for a new home? Want to make a fresh start with family? Now is the time, Sagittarius! Your ruling planet, optimistic Jupiter, is also in Pisces until December 20, recently liberated from a retrograde as well. The first three weeks of December mark a rare window, the LAST time that Jupiter and Neptune will both be in Pisces in your lifetime. Jupiter won’t be back until 2033 and by that time, Neptune’s ship will have sailed, not to return here for over 150 years. So take advantage of this opportunity to create a solid foundation of emotional security within yourself.

Dynamic duos at the December 7 Gemini full moon

Who belongs in your inner circle, Sagittarius? You’ll get a solid glimpse of that when the December 7 Gemini full moon illuminates your seventh house of partnerships. You’re able to see your choices, patterns and most important relationships in sweeping relief today, so don’t be afraid to look. 

An exciting development could take place in a particular relationship since motivational and magnetic Mars is traveling in tight conjunction with the full moon. Is it time to leap into official terrain? In the best-case scenario, you just might! However, Mars is also the planet of conflict and confrontation. Paired with an emotional full moon, its presence here could exacerbate tension with a key person—especially since Mars is retrograde. An old partner could resurface, but so could unresolved anger. 

Tread carefully now, Sagittarius. At best, the Gemini full moon can help spark an important and productive dialogue. But you’ll need to be extra vigilant that you stay polite and respectful no matter what, which could be a challenge under these confrontational skies.

Love, fun and fame: Jupiter returns to Aries on December 20

Lights, camera and…back to action! Your ruling planet, Jupiter, begins its second visit to fellow fire sign Aries this December 20, heating up your fifth house of fun, flamboyance and fame until May 16, 2023. This is Jupiter’s second trip here—it was first in Aries from May 10 to October 28 this year—a once-every-12-years visit that puts you and your talents on center stage.

The fifth house rules romance and fertility. A passionate affair could keep the indoor temperatures toasty even when it’s cold outside, and coupled Sagittarians might also venture into new romantic explorations. You could find yourself attracted to someone of a very different type than you usually go for now. A pregnancy is possible for Sags of the childbearing demographic (consider yourself notified, especially given the current political climate). 

Either way, it’s time to shake off the homebody vibes and get back out there. Since October 28, Jupiter made one last round through Pisces and your fourth house of home and family. We’re not saying you’ve been a total shut-in, but you’ve probably been more camera-shy and reclusive than usual. 

Since May 2021, Jupiter’s made three on-and-off trips through Pisces, changing things up with your home and family. It was a private or inward time with a big emphasis on your domestic life. You may have moved or experienced growth in your relationship with a parent, child or female relative. Now Jupiter departs Pisces for good, not to return for another 12 years. Hopefully, your galactic guardian leaves you with the parting gift of greater emotional security. There’s nothing better than being your own anchor, and the deep inner work you’ve done during Jupiter in Pisces will keep you afloat no matter how stormy the seas.

December 21: Sun enters Capricorn and December 23 Capricorn new moon

Power down for the holidays? Au contraire. On December 21, the Sun will move into Capricorn for a month, bringing a grounded and productive energy. Even if you take a little break from your job, you’ll still stay busy, balancing and beautifying your space or diving into a side-hustle project you’ve wanted to tackle all year. This stabilizing cycle is also a good time to revamp your daily habits and routines, taking stock of your lifestyle and looking where you could stand to make some changes. 

Right before Christmas, the December 23 Capricorn new moon opens a fresh six-month cycle for work, money and stability. You could get inspired about all your 2023 plans early, so take some time to jot your ideas down while everything is extra clear. Has your life tipped into excess? As an abundant Sagittarius, your idea of “just right” tends to be what other people call “too much.” This new moon helps you cut some of the fluff—from your budget, your schedule and your indulgences (we said SOME, okay?). 

But buyer beware: This new moon will get into a power struggle with your ruling planet, hedonistic Jupiter, which is in your pleasure-loving and playful fifth house. It’s a wildly different energy than the sensible, stoic Capricorn new moon—and you’ll feel the tension. As la luna and Jupiter lock into a 90-degree square, you could feel pulled between dueling desires for security and self-gratification. 

Our advice? Don’t throw caution to the wind this year and assume everything will just work out. It will—because you’re a lucky Sag—but the cosmic climate is NOT one that’s favorable for gambling. The current economic one isn’t either. Find ways to have your thrills without draining all your funds. And if you need a little more convincing…read on!

Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 29

It’s true, Sagittarius: Money could start acting funny right before the calendar turns. On December 29, communicator Mercury turns retrograde ( in your fiscal second house until January 18. Mercury retrograde is a notoriously tricky time for contracts, technology and travel. If you can’t sign on the dotted line or resolve a relationship matter before the calendar turns, then it’s best to hold off until Aquarius season. Rushing will only force you to retrace your steps and do needless work fixing your errors.

Keep your wits about you and distractions to a minimum. Mercury retrograde could scramble signals as you rush to complete projects before the holidays, leaving you prone to needless errors that could cost you later. Watch your finances, especially if shopping online since Mercury retrograde makes you susceptible to erroneous charges and phishing scams. To minimize the risk of identity theft, change your passwords and only use secure sites.

The positive spin? This is a fruitful time to reconnect with old clients and drum up new or work with them since retrogrades rule the past. A former colleague might have an opportunity that’s perfect for you. Put the word out among your network. Someone who knows your skills and specialties well could hook you up!

Love & Relationships:

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Money + Career:

Show the world what you’ve got, Sagittarius! The Sun is in your sign until December 21, inspiring you to pursue a solo project or chase some inspiring new goals. With your ruler, Jupiter, recently out of retrograde, a visionary idea could come together. Jupiter’s in Pisces and your domestic zone until December 20, so your most inspired concepts could spark while you’re puttering around baking holiday cookies, frying sweet potato latkes or doing your skincare routine.

The holidays could actually be a time to catch up on a little work as the Sun makes its annual visit to Capricorn and your prosperity-focused second house. Take some time to simplify your schedule, refine your budget and get your day-to-day affairs in order. You can start the new year on a grounded note with a clear agenda. Think about what does NOT serve you, whether it’s half-hearted obligations or projects that don’t light you up or offer much financial reward.

Ready to seal a deal before 2022 ends? As the Gemini full moon illuminates your partnership house on December 7, an important collaboration coalesces. You’re totally feeling the dynamic-duo vibe under these moonbeams. Working in tandem with a capable and inspiring colleague can help rev up your biggest plans. If you ink a contract, have a celebratory lunch to mark the occasion—this perfect plus-one could help take your dream to new heights. However, if it’s time to go your separate ways, you and a partner may decide to call it quits before the year is through.

Revving this up even more, go-getter Mars is in Gemini, albeit retrograde until January 12. Mars will make an exact conjunction with the full moon, so tread carefully. While strategic collaborations could heat up, jealousy and competition can also flare. Be careful about comparing your accomplishments to someone else’s—too much time spent looking over your shoulder diverts you from your greater mission.

You could feel pressure to sign a contract or meet a demanding deadline before the year ends. Hold off on that, too, Sagittarius. On December 29, Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn, disrupting your work and money zone until January 18. Do your research and explore all the options, then revisit this offer again in late January, when you’re in a stronger position to negotiate. Hang onto some of that holiday cash or use it to pay down debt. As much as a buzzkill as that sounds like, a little belt-tightening now will pay off later.

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