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MONTH OF November

It’s about to get real, Scorpio—or maybe it already has. Not only is it Scorpio season until November 22, but this month begins in between two eclipses, the first of which was in YOUR sign. On October 25, the Scorpio solar eclipse held a magnifying glass over your personal goals, path and passions. This November 8, a total lunar eclipse lands in Taurus and your relationship house, taking a key partnership to a turning point—perhaps without notice. The people you meet this month could play a huge role in the next year of your life! 

Once the Sun moves into Sagittarius and your practical, productive second house on November 22, you’ll be ready to start making plans official. The Sagittarius new moon on November 23 could bring a moneymaking opportunity or a chance to put one of your best eclipse season ideas into tangible form. Social Mercury and magnetic Venus are also in Sagittarius today. With these two outgoing planets in your financial zone, you might meet a new client or business prospect while out celebrating the start of holiday season.

There’s more good news: Lucky and optimistic Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde on November 23, powering forward in Pisces and your romantic, attention-grabbing fifth house. Your talents AND your tantalizing Scorpio charms could put all eyes on you. Let’s be real: You like to be admired, but not exposed. To stay in control of your public image, plan to be ready with a show-stopping achievement or a holiday look you won’t regret seeing on Instagram. 


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With all of these upbeat developments, dare we hope for a holiday weekend free of pandemics and politics? With midterm elections just behind us, that might be a stretch. But there’s a lot to be grateful for this year, including any changes that the stars have brought. Hosting eclipses in your sign is never easy or comfortable, but there’s a magic to the way they propel you into a “right-sized” life.

It’s all about you: Scorpio season is here until November 22

It’s showtime, Scorpio! The Sun is blazing a fiery trail through your sign until November 22, putting your desires and passion projects front and center. Enough focusing on other people—this month is prime time to prioritize numero uno. With the recent Scorpio solar eclipse propelling your personal goals and plans, you’d be wise to take this momentum and capitalize on it. 

The November 8 Taurus full moon is a total lunar eclipse

On November 8, the Taurus lunar full blood moon eclipse lands in your partnership house, bringing major change to all your closest ties (and probably to one in particular). This is the second Taurus lunar eclipse in a series that began on November 19, 2021, which will ripple across the Taurus/Scorpio axis until October 28, 2023. 

This lunar eclipse is particularly potent as the moon will be conjunct changemaker Uranus, which could bring sudden plot twists within your closest relationship. It doesn’t have to be a breakup-or-proposal thing, though in some cases, it could be that extreme. But a close partner could reveal shocking news or might have a new life situation (a job offer in another country, for example) that throws a curveball into things. Single Scorpios could meet someone online today since Uranus rules technology.

Complexifying matters, this moon-Uranus duo will form a challenging T-square (three-way tug of war) with tough Saturn in your domestic fourth house and a Sun-Mercury-Venus trio in Scorpio! Prepare to be pulled between the demands of home, relationships and your own desires. It won’t be easy to resolve all of these moving and competing parts. You may need to let the chips fall before trying to take control of things, which is your usual Scorpio way of handling such matters. Lunar eclipses have a mind of their own, so you may have to let this one play out before you react or even respond.

November 19: Mars-Neptune square

Are they or aren’t they? You could receive totally conflicting messages at today’s dicey square between stressful Mars and foggy Neptune. With Mars retrograde in your intense and obsessive eighth house and Neptune in your love sector, your Scorpio jealousy could be aroused quickly. Are those trust alarms going off for a reason, or are you just misreading the signals? Try not to go on the warpath (tempted though you are) with a few scraps of “condemning” evidence. Your own feelings for someone could volley between hot and cold today. 

November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius and November 23 Sagittarius new moon

On November 22, the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your second house of work and finances. Don’t slip into holiday hedonism yet—unless, of course, you combine business with pleasure and hit the industry parties. Celestial socialites Mercury and Venus are also in Sagittarius now, giving you potent powers of persuasion. Did you just verbally close a deal over fig jam and a feta tart? Why yes, it seems you might have, Scorpio. (Just follow up the next day to make sure it wasn’t just the strong cocktails talking!)

Not that you should worry—you could soon have your pick of prospective offers. When the Sagittarius new moon arrives on November 23, you’ll kick off a fresh six-month cycle that could spawn some exciting job leads, income-boosting opportunities and the inspo to rev up your revenue. Don’t be afraid to think big!

This new moon is also a great day to start new habits and life-affirming routines. We’re not suggesting you bypass the feasts, Scorpio. But how about meditating for 10 minutes a day, rebooting your morning journal practice or doing a short HIIT workout to strengthen your core. A steady regimen will keep you feeling anchored and energized into the new year. 

Love, actually? Jupiter retrograde ends November 23

Hang all the mistletoe? Today, saucy Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde, powering forward in Pisces and your fifth house of passion and self-expression. A stalled love affair could pick up speed, or if you’ve been caught in a bad romance, you might find the confidence to call it off. Has the muse gone missing? She’s back! If you’re a performer or an artist, get ready to take the stage again—and we don’t mean drunkenly serenading your coworkers at the office holiday party. Unless, of course, there’s actual karaoke…

Expansive Jupiter, the planet of luck and risk-taking, is wrapping up its third and final visit to Pisces, the sign it’s been weaving in out of since May 2021. Over the past 18 months, your original ideas could have attracted fame and attention as you courageously stepped into the spotlight. Jupiter’s mission is to open you up to a more heart-centered way of life, driven by desire and your deepest truths. After December 20, Jupiter will leave Pisces, not to return for more than a decade. So turn on those love lights to their brightest setting!

Talk about being in demand! Until November 16, romantic Venus is in YOUR sign, gifting you with the “It factor.” With vixen Venus sashaying through your sign, you won’t have to work hard to draw admirers your way. Whether or not they’ll be keepers is another story—but enjoy the attention and no-strings flirting. If you’re feeling like a frisky fall fling, Venus will happily play matchmaker. Coupled Scorpios will be in the mood to have fun—and if your partner’s already hibernating, don’t let that stop you from going out and painting the town.

You’ll settle in a bit more after November 16, when Venus enters Sagittarius and your second house of luxury and security until December 9. Stability feels sweet—and sexy in its own way. You could have crazy chemistry with someone you meet, then move quickly into more serious territory. For couples, this is a great time to dress up and hit the town for some posh outings. Time to debut your S.O. at a few upscale events? Holiday gift-shopping could be extra-special this year—rather than get ’em a pile of presents, invest in a luxurious item that’s also meaningful and lasting.

The fly in the ointment of it all comes from the other love planet, your co-ruler Mars. The usually randy red planet is being a wet blanket, having turned retrograde in Gemini and your erotic eighth house from October 30 until January 12. This could cool some of the flames of a connection that started off scorching. You might hear from an ex and possibly be tempted into rekindling a spicy relationship or even exploring a clandestine connection. Easy, Scorpio. You’re likely minimizing the downsides of going there.

For couples, Mars retrograde here can really exacerbate some issues that have splintered your relationship. Consider working with a therapist if things get too tense. Old issues of jealousy, possessiveness and trust could flare up. Mars retrograde offers you a chance to address those at a core level.

Ready, set, rebirth! The Sun is soaring through your sign until November 22, prompting a fresh start around your passions and how you present yourself to the world. In the wake of an October 25 Scorpio solar eclipse, you might be feeling major fresh-start energy. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, it’s time to reinvent yourself! You’re no stranger to that as the sign of transformation, Scorpio. Adopt a “growth mindset” and put yourself in self-start-over mode. 

Don’t assume you have to do it all alone, either. The November 8 Taurus lunar (full moon) eclipse supercharges your partnerships sector, bringing a potent collaborator or an opportunity to join forces. This could be a great day for sealing the deal on a contract or relationship. But tread lightly since Mars is retrograde in your eighth house of joint ventures and shared property until January 12. You could end up in a contentious situation, fighting over assets or power. Hold off on those collaborations or just start with a trial run.

Love Days: 30, 8

Money Days: 15, 23

Luck Days: 12, 21

Off Days: 4, 10, 20

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