Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 14 – 2 0, 2022

Is it getting steamy in here, or is it YOU, Taurus? On Wednesday, November 16, amorous Venus (your ruler) glides into Sagittarius and your eighth house of eroticism and intimacy, followed 24 hours later by communicative Mercury. For the next several weeks, you may find yourself craving the kind of merging that only comes from true heart connections. All well and good—IF you’re actually ready to take this next step. So spend some time imagining what this next level of commitment would look like, whether with a business partner or love interest. The eighth house awakens passion and is where we play for keeps, and once you go all in, Taurus, it won’t be easy to extricate yourself. On the other hand, if someone is pressuring you into exclusivity and you don’t feel comfortable yet, ask for more time to search your soul—and your emotions. If need a more assurance of trust and fidelity, speak your mind. Already attached? This is a great transit for exploring some of your edgier, and till-now secret, fantasies. Again, trust is a major factor, and you need to bring this up with bae, finding the right time when you’re both feeling connected and in sync.

Your friends are your greatest asset, but this Saturday, you’d be wise not to over-rely on any one person. Under the day’s erratic starmap, that could be a recipe for a social disaster. Aggro Mars, who’s retrograde in your second house of stability, is catching shade from distorting Neptune in your collaborative corner—the second of three clashes (the first was on October 12, and the final comes on March 14, 2023). It’ll be hard to get an accurate read on situations, including people’s true agendas, during this foggy time. Even if someone you can normally count on says they’ve got your back, that’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find them at the moment you need their support or just companionship. But no pity parties! The lesson here is to be more discerning about who you put your trust in.

That said, some people will always be true to their word, and those are the people you want to invest more of your time and devotion to, Bull. This Sunday, the luminous Sun in your relationship house beams a supportive trine (120-degree angle) to auspicious Jupiter in your community-minded eleventh house. Regardless of your romantic status, this is a great day to surround yourself with your favorite people and give up any dream of “controlling” where things go. Supersizer Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in your zone of tech and teamwork, you could get pulled into a very out-of-the-ordinary kind of project or event planning. Stay open about individuals and groups that might be unfamiliar to you (now) but, in short order, could become your new go-to crew! And even if their ideas or approaches to life are different from yours, you can—and should—stay true to your values. However, with an open enough mind, you could learn a few new tricks that will serve you well in your personal life.


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