These 5 Arket Outfits Look So Expensive

Dressing to look more luxe doesn’t have to mean heels, fancy dresses and expensive jewellery, oh no, we’re firm believers in the fact that you can still dress casual for say, a winter walk or an errand day, and still look like you’ve made an effort. What’s the key? It’s all about the individual items that you wear. Be it a perfectly tailored pair of trousers dressed down with trainers, a good-quality knit with denim or a knit dress with a classic coat. And luckily, at Arket, you can guarantee that whatever you buy will have that certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to cuts, detail and materials used. They’ll always stand out on the high street and they definitely hold their own against even some of the big designer heavyweights.

So no matter your upcoming plans, or budget, copy these five Arket outfits and you can’t go wrong. 

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