This Brown Nail Polish Trend Will Be Everywhere This Winter

If you know me, then you’ll know that I love black nail polish. I wear it in summer and winter, as I happen to think that it looks chic all year round. Sure, I enjoy experimenting with nail trends now and again, but I always go back to a simple, monochromatic black manicure. However, lately I’ve been seeing chocolatey brown nails all over my Instagram feed, and it feels like the perfect time to switch things up (slightly).

The hashtag #brownnailpolish has a cool 4.6 million views and counting on TikTok, and although this expensive-looking nail colour is nothing new and simply a neutral go-to for many, perhaps it’s the ‘latte’ beauty trend that is prompting a surge in further interest. Or, it could be the fact that summer’s more frivolous, fun colours now feel a little out of place when the weather has been so dire.

What I love about this spectrum of shades though, is that you can find one to perfectly complement your skin, or experiment and try out a lighter or darker tone depending on your mood.

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