Virgo Weekly Horoscope


Say what? You’re thinking of skipping the treats and having yourself a “healthy Halloween” this year? Actually, Virgo, kudos for that! And it’s so aligned with your wellness-conscious sign that no one should be all that surprised. As a matter of fact, with the Aquarius moon revving its engines in your salubrious sixth house this Monday, October 31, you might inspire a few friends to join your wholesome party train! This might make you feel so good that you decide to keep it up for the rest of the year—well, right up until Christmas-cookie season kicks off. Make simple changes that you can stick to, like using maple syrup or stevia in place of sugar and cutting way back on gluten and dairy products—while adding in some smarter choices, like a daily probiotic and Omega 3s. Hydration is key, as is physical exercise, which you can launch tonight with some serious cardio action on the dance floor—or a more relaxed haunted hike. If the spirit(s) move you, siphon some of on-tap sixth-house energy and squeeze in a yoga or Spin class before slipping into your costume. (The more original, the happier you’ll be!) If, at the last minute, yours feels a little meh, it’s probably not too late to bust out your craft box and glue gun to come up with a first-prize-worthy getup.

When the Aquarius moon reaches its quarter phase on Tuesday, it will bring more balancing energy to your wellness corner, illuminating exactly where more modifications would be helpful and where you might be overreaching with those lofty ambitions. Remember, it’s not about being a weekend (more like midweek) warrior but tweaking your daily routines just enough to move the needle in the desired direction. Literally start by thinking about how you begin your day: Do you enjoy a nourishing breakfast or do you race out the door with your cuppa? Where can you work in regular exercise—even just walking and taking stairs instead of driving or taking the elevator? And how are you managing your stress? Build in as much R-n-R, bodywork, meditation and drawing or journaling as you can. Stress is insidious; most people don’t even realize how addicted to it they are. Just for this week, pay attention to how your body reacts when tension mounts. (Clenched jaw, hiked shoulders, shallow breathing?) Practice relaxing all those things when you feel stress building, especially slow deep breathing. And whenever possible, slip outside for some restorative fresh air!

On Saturday, romantic Venus, who’s been touring your third house of communication and platonic pals, swings into her annual opposition with capricious Uranus in your venturesome ninth house. Single Virgos might suddenly be feeling your oats. That intriguing new person who’s been showing up where you are and seems to be looking at you every time you catch their eye…maybe there’s something to this. (Of course, with wild-card Uranus in the mix, maybe NOT.) But the only way to find out is to check it out. Attached? Hatch a plan for this weekend to do something a bit farther afield than you usually venture (outdoor fair or special brewery tour perhaps). Just mixing up your routines can feel fresh and exciting. And if you have obligations close to home, at least sit down and start researching someplace to go the very next time you both have free time. Then get on the reservations page and book it!


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