What to Wear For a Night Out When It’s Cold

Planning a going-out look when it’s cold can be a headache. From styling that new long-sleeved party dress to miniskirts that still look good with tights and a jacket, there are plenty of outfit conundrums to consider. How do you show off a sultry slip of leg, for example, without freezing as soon as you walk out the door? How can you shield yourself from a brisk temperature drop while confidently showing off a plunging neckline? Your goal may be to appear nonchalant and effortless, but you’ve got to find a happy medium when the cool winds start blowing — and that’s not always easy.

The 40 ensembles we’ve gathered here provide chic foundations for pulling off the task, and they work for a handful of going-out destinations, from restaurants and bars to concerts and clubs.

Whether it’s wearing that favorite slip over a turtleneck or finishing a minidress with tights and Mary Janes, you’re going to actually fall in love the addition of these layers. Styling a furry coat on top of your classic skirt set may just bring your look more dimension, and wearing your leather pants with a long-sleeved ruffle blouse instead of a corset could help you look even more sophisticated.

Ahead, browse through examples from the feeds of fashion content creators, models, and influencers that will inspire a different approach to how you get dressed for an evening out in the cold.

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