Best New Horrors that Were Released in 2020

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If you are a fan of horror movies, this article is for you. There 0are a number of new horror movies that were released this year. Here are some of the best horror movies that were released this year.


‘Possessor’ is a sci-fi horror movie. The movie is about an assassin who gets into other people’s bodies in order to become unrecognisable when she kills the person that she would have targeted. The role of the assassin is played by Andrea Riseborough.

‘Save Yourselves!’

‘Save Yourselves!’ is about the invasion of aliens. The horror movie was written and directed by Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson. In this movie, Sunita Mani and John Reynolds fight for survival this is the movie you can watch when you bored it’s not exciting than real money online casinos and beside you don’t win with movies.

‘12-Hour Shift’

The horror movie was written and directed by Breta Grant. The movie is about a nurse who is overworked. There is an organ trafficking ring involved and a kidney goes missing at a hospital in Arkansas Hospital one day. ‘12-Hour Shift’ is a comedy horror that you can enjoy while at home.

‘The Antenna’

‘The Antenna’ is a horror film that is from Turkey. The horror film is about the caretaker of an apartment complex. The government put surveillance on this apartment. It is about threats of freedom of speech.


‘Hosts’ is about an evil demonic spirit that takes over the bo-dies of a young couple. The couple goes on to terrorise their neighbours on Christmas eve.

‘Vampires vs. the Bronx’

In ‘Vampires vs. the Bronx’, the Bronx have to fight vampires. The movie is a family friendly horror comedy, so you can watch the movie as a family.Did you know mobile gambling also have related casino game

‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’

‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ is about a cop who hunts for a killer wolf in his small town. The horror comedy movie was directed by Jim Cummings who also stars in it. The film also stars an Oscar nominee actor, Robert Forster who died last year.

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