Black Christmas Scribe Talks About How They Avoided An R-Rating

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Due in theaters this Friday, the second remake of Black Christmas, written by April Wolfe and Sophia Takal and director by Takal drew a lot of notice when it was announced that the film garnered a PG-13 rating instead of the ever sought after R-Rating that horror films seem to covet. 

Today, write April Wolfe revealed how the film was able to avoid the R-Rating, despite certain things happening in the film. 

“Actually, the thing that was a sticking point for Sophia was the fact that there are obviously some overt ideas about date rape in this movie. And there is an old text that has been going around the studios, and it has the language that you can’t use in PG-13 movies. It has not been updated. People just use it as a guide, but one of the words that you can’t use is rape. And so for us, we were like, we’re going to get an R rating because she’s saying the word rape. So, we put some f–ks in there.”

She went on to say;

“And it turns out that the MPAA was actually totally fine with us using the word rape, and then talking about date rape, too. But it’s so meaningful to us that 13-year-olds can go and see this movie that is talking about date rape, because it’s something that these kids are going to have to deal with pretty soon, unfortunately, in many cases. So, Sophia and I, we were psyched about the PG-13 rating. When the word got around, we all sent texts to each other, and it was just like, “Oh, this is really great. You know, more people get to see the movie and young girls, they get to see it, and they get to have these really complex and necessary discussions because of it.”

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