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Finding plague victims inside their compound, survivors of the zombie apocalypse suspect that the zombie plague has mutated and is being spread by spores emitted by infected flesh-eating ghouls.  People infected by the spores could be asymptomatic carriers.  Not only do the survivors have to worry about being bitten by rampaging flesh-eating ghouls but also being infected by inhaling spores emitted by a carrier within their camp.

Title:  Horde

Subtitle:  Zombie Apocalypse:  The Chad Halverson Series Book 6

Author:  Bryan Cassiday

Publisher:  Bryan Cassiday

Publisher’s e-mail:

Genre:  Horror

ISBN:  9781732976368

Pages:  344

Price:  $16.99

Publication date of first edition:  January 5, 2021

Available at Amazon: 

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