Elizabeth Banks To Direct and Star in The Invisible Woman!

Horror News

Coming off the critical and financial flop of Charlie’s Angel’s, it would appear that Elizabeth Banks is getting another show in the director’s chair with another Universal reboot, this time – 1940’s Invisible Woman.

The original Invisible Woman was more of a sci-fi comedy than the horror film that was based on the same book by H.G. Wells. Which sees Virginia Bruce able to turn invisible after being a test subject for a machine created by an old inventor played by John Barrymore. 

No details are available about the new film sans that Elizabeth Banks will not only be directing the film but starring as well based on a script by Erin Cressida Wilson who penned The Girl on the Train. 

Since Universal is playing catch up after Tom Cruise’s Mummy debacle, the plans going forward appear to be Paul Feig’s Dark Army, Dexter Fletcher’s Renfield and a possible brand new take on Frankenstein from producer James Wan.

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