Film Review: Are You Scared? (2006)

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Six teenagers wake up in an unfamiliar warehouse to find they have been selected for a reality game show. But what they find is they are playing for a lot more than money. They are playing for their lives.


Alethea Kutscher – Kelly
Brad Ashten – Brandon
Soren Bowie – Dylan
Caia Coley – Detective Wilkins
Erin Consalvi – Cherie
Brent Fidler – Shadow Man
Amy Lyndon – Kelly’s Mom
Kariem Markbury – Jason
Directed by: Andy Hurst

Hmmm. Where have I seen this before?

When six teenagers awake in a abandoned warehouse, automatically they argue to find the person who brought them to this unfamiliar place. Each points a different finger until a menacing voice over a loud speaker says “Are you ready to play for $100,000?”

Realizing they had all signed up for a reality tv show called ‘Are You Scared’ the first contestant steps up. Forgetting about his bloody bandaged wound under his ribcage, the first contestant runs to a room where his submission video is being played. When he answers the question ‘What are you most afraid of’, the menacing voice pipes in and informs him that he has 60 seconds to face that fear to win his ‘challenge’.

Wait…wait…I think I’m starting to remember where I have heard this before! But lets continue.

When the other contestants start to get nervous about being on the show and the fact the first contestant hadn’t returned, they decide that they won’t continue until they speak to the producer of the show. That is until ‘the voice’ announces that he is ready for the next contestant. The twins step up to take the challenge. They watch their video, strap themselves in to a crudely made contraption, and get their instructions. A drill on tracks rolls straight for their faces but only one at a time. They each have a controller. When one person’s drill stops, the other person’s starts. This game is designed to make them choose which one shall live and which one shall die.

Ok. How about some originality people! This is just a cheap, boring, knock off of Saw. Complete with bad script, bad acting, and an even worse concept of what creativity means, ‘Are You Scared’ should be named ‘Are You Serious?!’. I mean come on! Normally when a movie is remade, it is at least a 10 years old. And if they thought that people wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t mind, well then I have news for them. People noticed and minded! But lets go on.

One by one, the teens try to find different ways to escape their grisly fates while Detectives are trying just as hard to find the man behind the madness. Finding a serial number on a piece of glass that was used in a past ‘game’. they get a address and set out to get their man.
Can they get there before it’s too late?

All I have to say is detectives should have been investigating the writer and director for mutilating a perfectly good movie. If you haven’t figured it out…I hated the movie. And not just because of their horrible attempt to capitalize off of someone else’s work but also because it was just bad.

The story line could have been better if they would have just rethought the entire plot, the directing could have been better if Andy Hurst would have realized the severe screenplay flaws and at least tried to concentrate on better angling and getting true emotion out of the cast, and the acting could have been better if the cast would have at least practiced in a mirror before they got on camera.

This film should be a lesson to all professionals in the industry today. Be original, have a good script, and friends don’t let friends release Movies that suck.

Are You Scared (2006)

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