Film Review: My Boyfriend the Boogey man (short film) (2019)

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More short films, kiddies! Today we have MY BOYFRIEND THE BOOGEYMAN,  written and directed by (also starring)  Nikhail Asnani.

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships that don’t seem to play out. Maybe you like to go out and dance while your partner just wants to stay home and watch tv. Maybe you like a rare steak but your partner is a vegan. Opposites attract, as they say, but it can be a real problem over the long haul.

That’s what we’re dealing with in this film. Our hero seems very isolated but not alone as his significant other is the one and only monster under the bed. I can see how there would be some issues with this relationship, don’t you?

This was fun. Essentially a “black box” performance by the director, no props or special effects or even other actors. Just our man playing to his invisible co-star.

The sound mix isn’t great,  but its ok, honestly. This is a quick, short story and I love the concept behind it.

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