GREMLINS Headed Back to Theaters in 4DX This Holiday Season!

Everything in life has rules. Some of them may seem stupid and are made to be broken, but even then some of them are made to keep us all safe. For instance, Don’t Text and Drive, Always Wear Your Seatbelt, Avoid Sunlight, Don’t Get Them Wet and Don’t Feed Them After Midnight.

Well those last few as you very well know are the rules of the Mogwai, and while we wait with bated breath for the animated prequel series, this holiday season you can go back to Kingston Falls and relive the adventures of Billy Peltzer and Gizmo as they fight off a horde of Gremlins in miraculous 4DX

The Joe Dante classic hits cinemas for a one week stint starting December 5th and ending December 11th. Tickets are available now so don’t hesitate to drive your pink Barbie car or be like Mrs. Deagle and ride your electric chair up the stairs and be sure you have a seat waiting for you!

Are you going to see GREMLINS in 4DX? Let us know in the comments below! 

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