John Carpenter Battles Writers Block in new Budweiser TV Ad!

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Beer and horror films usually don’t mix when it comes to the slasher genre. Most of the time if you enjoy a cold one you end up on the wrong end of some kind of sharp, metal implement and you have a very very bad day.

However, in this new Brazillian television commercial, we see what appears to be a young John Carpenter sitting rather pensively in front of a typewriter, unable to make the words appear on the page. 

It’s not a secret that Carpenter had a hard time writing the script for HALLOWEEN II, after being kind of pushed into it. He’s openly admitted that having a six pack of Budweiser a night helped the writing process along. He said that it gave him a buzz, but didn’t get drunk from enjoying the frosty beverage. Check out the commercial below.

What do you think of the ad? Let us know in the comments below!

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