KONGA TNT – Roars To Home Media From SRS Cinema!

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Konga TNT – SRS Cinema is excited to announce the acquisition of the giant kaiju movie “Konga TNT” from Brett Kelly.

After becoming injected with a formula derived from an alien ship, a lab gorilla escapes from his containment and befriends two young boys. The alien formula causes the gorilla to grow to gargantuan size and rampage throughout the city and the boys must find a way to save their simian friend before the army takes him down.

The movie was made during pandemic lockdown using clips from friends, fans, stock footage and footage Brett shot himself.

Limited editions on Bluray and VHS are expected to start presales on Thursday, 9/10/20. A wide release across North America will hit early 2021.

For more information, swing by www.srscinema.com

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