Mystery Science Theater 3000 Done at Netflix

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For as long as a lot of us can remember, the cult show Mystery Science Theater 3000 would always do a marathon on Thanksgiving of some of the fan-favorite episodes to give people something to watch while the family argues about the current political climate.

Well, while you enjoy your second helping of Aunt Judy’s stuffing and watch this year’s marathon on Twitch, YouTube or wherever you do, the next gulp may be a bit difficult to swallow.

The show’s reboot run has seemingly come to an end on Netflix.

Show creator Joel Hodgson tweeted,

“#MST3K is not doing a third season for Netflix. It’s not the end of MST3K, It’s just the end of the first chapter of bringing back MST3K.”

Even when the show was off the air, the spirit was kept alive by Mike, Bill and Kevin of Rifftrax and much of the original cast over at Cinematic Titanic. The former of which is still very much alive and well.

MST3K is responsible for revealing a lot of b-movie horror classics to the world that were long dead before and whatever the outcome may be, we have that to be thankful for.

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