Patrick Wilson Weighs in on INSIDIOUS 5!

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It’s just one of those days when the news starts to overlap and today we seem to be focusing on the horror work of Patrick Wilson. Earlier this week, Lin Shaye was asked about INSIDIOUS 5 that is still in the works and said that it will “probably” be released in the next year or so. 

Patrick Wilson also had something to say about the future of the INSIDIOUS franchise after being intricate parts of the first 2 films.

“I never look at anything as closed. I don’t know what you would do, but I never felt like it was closed. I just felt like for Josh Lambert, we’ve already seen him possessed and free of possession. There’s not a whole lot for that guy to do anymore. I don’t know where they would want to go with the series, but I never close any doors. There’s no big red door that’s closed.”

He continued, 

“I see these people a lot, but there’s no script or anything like that. I just don’t know what you’d do, but I haven’t talked specifically about anything. I talk to Jason Blum every so often, and we’re friends. And I’ll see Leigh (Whannell)… James keeps an eye on that, but I don’t know where you’d go.”

Are you excited at the chances of an INSIDIOUS 5? Or a Patrick Wilson return to the franchise? Let us know in the comments below! 

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