Precious Child Releases Self-Directed Horror Music Video “Coming Down”

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Los Angeles goth pop singer, producer and video artist Precious Child has released a new music video. The video, directed by the artists, lends an abstract narrative of ritual and possession to synth-laden slow burn “Coming Down.”
The video premiered exclusive with Rue Morgue Magazine, who called it “surreal and dangerous.” Watch “Coming Down” here.

Precious Child says: “With the help of friends, in 2015 I lit oil and gasoline fires atop a derelict aqueduct deep in the forest of rural Maryland. There, we filmed a literal and metaphorical vignette of a dead hero’s resurrection, ritual, and marriage to their Jungian Shadow. Banked until today, it is the music video for “Coming Down.” Music and visual vibes are the 2018 film Mandy meets Velvet Underground.”

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In addition, the artist continues to debut a series of experimental clips inspired by their music video and created while sheltering in place due to COVID-19. Follow Precious Child on Instagram to watch.

“Coming Down” will appear on Precious Child’s new album heart.gif coming in 2020, alongside “Fear in the Rain” and “heart.gif.”


Visceral and surreal, Precious Child exists at the convergence of conceptual art and pop music to create confrontational and captivating audiovisual work. The artist released their latest albums WHOLLOHW in 2018 and HALLOW in 2019, and has toured extensively in support of the releases. Their video work, including videos “WHOLE” and “My Little Problem (Violet Door)”, have garnered millions of views with their vivid and confrontational style.

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