The Crucifix Executioner: Most Killer Kickstarter is now Live!!

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“Crucifix Executioner is a no-holds-barred adrenaline rush best read on an empty stomach!”

Super excited about our latest adventure with this Crucifix Executioner graphic novel and single issues #1-5 (limited covers). I can’t thank the Killer creative team enough behind this and hope everyone will support us and get this wicked comic books.

Rewards start as small as $6 for a digital copy to $235 for the set (graphic novel & #1-5). With over 130 pages of bloody gritty artwork, this is a must for any comic fan in general.

The Kickstarter will run for 25 days so if you’re able to pledge early and share this around you wont be charged until after the Kickstarter in April 2018. Wicked right!!!

The Crucifix Executioner: Most Killer Kickstarter is now Live!!!

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