The Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D (2018)

Horror News

They should make a prequel, where a young man and his friends are abducted and taken to a mothership. There, it is up to the young man to save not only his friends but other beings from other planets which are being held as catives. Planets where all the females have beards, a planet where everyone is 17 inches tall, another planet where beings can contort themsleves into all shapes and of course the planet where beings live by swinging to one another high above the ground to avoid ppredators. After a harrowing adventure this young man make s it back to earth and in order to deal with his pts he comes up with an ingenious idea…that young man turns out to be P.T. Barnum!. That idea is P.T. Barnum and Ringleys Brothers Circus! Anyway, u get the idea…

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