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The best of AMC FearFest is upcoming and we’ve combed through the noise and found five nights horror fans must make available. This is an after 5:00pm list ONLY. There are some very quality afternoons and mornings out there. Consider this a working man’s list. Expect quality across the board unless stated otherwise. 

(All times are EST)

Tuesday October 15: This night would’ve been our most recommended, were it not for Carrie (2013) sandwiched in between two modern classics.

The Exorcist

5:15PM The Exorcist (1973): A horror masterpiece often ranked above all others (enough said). 

8:00PM Carrie (2013): A terrible remake of an iconic horror movie. What’s worse is that it is slated before the original, thus tainting audiences. I recommend streaming something else until 11.

Carrie White in Carrie 1979

11:00PM Carrie (1976): A modern horror classic with a campy 70s vibe, but a disturbing climax that resonates to this day. The original Carrie was the first Stephen King novel adapted to the big screen and still one of the better efforts.

Thursday, October 17: A couple quality ghost movies, plus Timothy Olyphant (star of the Justified series) in a great outbreak film. 

Movie Poster for The Crazies (2010)

5:30PM The Crazies (2010): A town is driven insane by a classified bio-toxin. The sheriff attempts to get his wife out of the quarantine zone without being intercepted by government forces. Plains states bedlam—good stuff.

8:00PM Thirteen Ghosts: Not a scary movie, but good fun for the Halloween season. Something to watch with the kids.

10:05PM Ghost Ship: An under-rated story of a ship haunted by a demon, bent on claiming souls. Good acting. Neat concept.

Saturday, October 19: Stephen King is a hot commodity in the horror world these days. Saturday evening we are treated to three of his more memorable hauntings, each very different.

jack in The Shining 1980

4:30PM The Shining: A modern horror masterpiece, directed by Stanley Kubrick. Jack Nicholson delivers an unforgettable performance as a man slowly losing his mind. Even if other performances aren’t as noteworthy, Kubrick set new standards in creepiness when The Shining debuted in 1980.

8:00PM Christine: Believe it or not, this is not Stephen King’s only story about a haunted car (reference From a Buick 8 and Mile 81), but it is the only one adapted to film. Fairly entertaining.

10:00PM Pet Sematary (1989): Stephen King thought this was the scariest novel he had ever written, believing he had taken things too far. The original movie, because of its low budget effects and bleak atmospherics, maintains this dark vibe, even if the acting is subpar. Definitely, one to see without the kids.

Tuesday, October 22: An interesting three-movie mix. Each has something a little different to offer. 

5:45PM Carrie (1976): (See above) 

Sam from Trick r Treat (2007)

8:00PM Trick R Treat: Although not the greatest flick, it covers Halloween myth/tradition pretty well. In three interconnected experiences we are treated to serial killers, demons, curses, werewolves and ghosts seeking revenge. 

11:00PM Silver Bullet: A mixed bag adaptation of a Stephen King werewolf novella, but notable because he not only wrote the novel, but the script too. You decide how he did.

Monday, October 28: A must-watch night for Friday the 13th fans.

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

5:00PM Friday the 13th (2009): We warm up with the remake, which had some exceptional kill scenes and some very pleasant visuals

7:00PM Friday the 13th (1980): The original is still the best of the bunch. Sure, it’s basically a Halloween rip-off, but the setting and twist at the end make all the difference. Plus, it was the first movie with kills shot from the perspective of the killer.

Fighting Jason in Friday the 13th part 2 (1981)

9:00PM Friday the 13th Part 2: Jason makes his first appearance (as an adult) and continues the mayhem.

11:00PM Friday the 13th Part 3: A pretty goofy flick, but if anyone wants to find out how Jason got his iconic hockey mask, they must watch this one. 

Happy scares!

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