Troy Baker Promises Definitive Walkthrough for The Last Of Us!

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When it comes to horror games, one that is heralded overall as one of the best games ever is THE LAST OF US. And since they pushed back the released date to May of 2020 to fine-tune things, you have to wait a little while longer to get behind the controller and enter another adventure. 

That being said, thanks to the Retro Replay YouTube Channel, the original cast will be reunited for a definitive playthrough of the first game. At least that’s what Troy Baker had to say on Twitter. 

Retro Replay is a weekly show where Troy Baker and Nolan North (voice actor and motion capture performer) play through classic games, tell stories, do impressions and commentary while doing so. 

Troy Baker’s video announcement said: ” The controller is now in my hands. We are going to begin the journey and go through the definitive playthrough of The Last of Us. And I won’t be alone. Not only will [Nolan] be joining me […] but we will have special guests. And I can’t imagine doing it with anybody else but the cast of The Last of Us’’

It will be fun to see who the special guests that they are promising will be. Regardless it will be a nice way to bide our time until part II reaches our consoles in May of next year. 

Are you excited for more LAST OF US content? Let us know in the comments below! 

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