Underwater’s New Poster is Jaw-Dropping

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Here’s what we know about Underwater so far: 

The monster movie starring Kristen Stewart is set to be released January 10, 2020. That makes Underwater the second horror movie (and the first with a reasonable likelihood of box office success) scheduled to be released in the new year. Check out the trailer below.

Although trailers can mislead, it looks like we can expect an entertaining flick that at least has the advantage of unique setting. And if you noticed hints of impressive production values in it, you are not mistaken. 20th Century Fox is pouring $80,000,000 into what they see as a potential blockbuster. None of these pieces of information guarantee a winner, but check out the recently released official poster below:

underwater poster official

What to make of this? Looks like we can expect a sea creature that is a true master of the deep. Combined with the trailer, it’s reasonable to assume that this kraken will be making it very difficult for any human to survive on the ocean’s floor. Whether or not 20th Century Fox has developed this hyper-Jaws concept to the extent that it will create a following they can turn into a franchise, remains to be seen.

(Oh, and if you missed what was ‘jaw-dropping’ take another look.)

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