Watch the Trailer for Eli Roth’s THANKSGIVING Again For the First Time!

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In 2007, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino embarked on a rather daring experiment. They wanted to recreate the grindhouse experience from the Times Square cinemas of the 70s that would show double features of kung fu, exploitation, and b-movies. That gave the world PLANET TERROR and DEATH PROOF respectfully, but some other things came out of that 3-hour filmgoing extravaganza. 

Fake Trailers.

Rob Zombie had Werewolf Women of the SS, Edgar Wright gave us the very British trailer DON’T and Eli Roth gave us what is now the rather timely THANKSGIVING.

Before we get to the trailer here is a little description of what you are going to be getting into if you have not seen this yet;

In the historic town of Plymouth Massachusetts, a deranged killer dressed like a Pilgrim goes on a killing spree on Thanksgiving day. The turkey will not be the only thing getting stabbed!!

The trailer features b-movie stalwarts Michael Biehn and Jordan Ladd along with Roth himself playing a role. 

So once the turkey has been carved and you are done explaining to Aunt Edith why you are single, sit down and enjoy the trailer for a film that is rather sought after by slasher fans; THANKSGIVING.

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