You Can Finally See The Abyss In HD and It’s Original Aspect Ratio!

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Long before James Cameron was King of the World and worried about getting about 3540 sequels to Avatar on the big screen, Cameron put out a film that is now one of the most in-demand Blu-rays in all of film. The Abyss. 

Skip Kimball, who worked with Cameron on the aforementioned Avatar and Alita: Battle Angel teased the planet by saying that work had already begun on a 4K remaster on the film about a civilian dive team that is sent out to search for a lost nuclear sub and find trouble under the water when they run into an alien aquatic species. 

Now, thanks to the fine folks at HBO, we may have to wait for the Blu-ray but the streaming service is now streaming The Abyss in HD and in its original aspect ratio. We wouldn’t even have this to report if it wasn’t for Spence Nicholson on Twitter. You can see that the file comes from the new 4K transfer but is only presented in HD. 

Check out the tweet below!

Are you a fan of The Abyss? Still, waiting on that Blu-ray? Let us know below! 

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