5 Points Disney Should Consider Before Greenlighting Tron 3


Joseph Kosinski And Daft Punk Need To Come Back For Tron 3

Perhaps the most important condition that Disney should be considering for Tron 3 is who will be directing the efforts to bring this world into existence yet again. Judging by the results that were presented to the world with Tron: Legacy, it feels like director Joseph Kosinski is absolutely the #1 choice to bring Tron 3 online, as he took a decades-later sequel and made it both a unique entry, as well as a film perfectly at home in the overall Tron universe. And for those very same reasons, composers Daft Punk should, without question, be brought back for Tron 3, as their musical score yielded one of the greatest soundtracks to ever be released onto physical and digital media. Both Joseph Kosinski and Daft Punk understand what truly makes a Tron movie special, and that’s something that’s not easy to come by. If there’s even remotely a chance that this third film could happen, it’s best to bring back the team that made the last film in the series so memorable.

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