6 Marvel Characters Alison Brie Would Be Perfect To Play



Speaking of X-Men members, one character who has been particularly long overdue for a cinematic revamp onscreen is Rogue: an extremely powerful mutant known best for her ability to absorb others’ energies, memories, personalities, and even their own powers. She is also well-known from her deception in Marvel Comics as (despite her dark past) having a spunky, take-no-crap-from-anyone sort of disposition as toted through a charming Southern drawl, which, with all due respect to Academy Award winner Anna Paquin, we did not see as much of from her portrayal in the X-Men films of the early 2000s. 

I believe that an actress like Alison Brie can pull off that character trait beautifully for a reimagining in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if her defining role as the spunky, take-no-crap-from-anyone student with a dark past Annie Edison on Community is sufficient proof.

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