7 Marvel And DC Characters That Shameless’ Emmy Rossum Would Be Perfect For


Black Orchid

A lesser-known character who would be an intriguing addition to the DCEU is Black Orchid, a woman who possesses many of the more common superhero abilities of flight, invulnerability, and super strength, but her most important, and unique, talent is disguise. The Black Orchid is an alias that has been passed down from person to person for decades, and more recently reinvented as a member of Justice League Dark, which would make J.J. Abrams’ upcoming HBO Max series the perfect opportunity for an introduction. However, based on a 2009 interview with MTV, Emmy Rossum would most likely be interested in adapting Neil Gaiman’s much darker interpretation that reimagines the character as plant/human hybrid with powers of seduction, almost like if Poison Ivy switched sides.

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