90 Day Fiancé: Did Larissa Just Borrow $5k from Her Parents for Plastic Surgery?


90 Day Fiancé: Happliy Ever After? star Larissa Dos Sanots Lima was seen on the recent episode borrowing money from her father back in Brazil. She said she had to borrow $5,000 for her green card fees. Though in the season trailer, she’s seen having a breast augmentation. Fans are certain that she used that loan to help towards her new breasts.

Season four of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? introduced TLC fans to Larissa and her then-husband Colt Johnson, and quickly became a standout couple on the show due to their volatile and dysfunctional relationship. During their season, Colt and Larissa went through a third arrest for domestic violence that ultimately led to the couple getting a divorce. After their separation, the two have gone their separate ways but it looks like they have sucessfully moved on with their lives with new people.

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Fans watched last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? as Dos Santos Lima boldly asked her father back in Brazil for $5,000. She calmly sat in the coffee shop with a new set of lips and she asked her father to send her a large amount of money. It was revealed that her parents are already taking care of her daughter while her son is staying somewhere else. In the newest episode, she shared her fear that she may be deported back to Brazil. She explained to cameras that she currently had no income after Colt cut her off and made the decision to ask her father for $5,000 to help with the green card fees. Red flags went up as many felt she was going to use the money for more plastic surgeries. Check out the clip below:

Fans of the TLC show already are aware that she has had Botox, lip injections, work done on her chin and cheekbones, rhinoplasty, as well as butt injections. She is also once again dating Eric Nichols who she now lives with. So maybe, just maybe, she will use the $5,000 for the visa process. Her father did not blink at the amount asked of him and said he would be able to send half of it right away to her. Many fans argued that she should go back to Brazil to take care of her children. Little is actually known about the two kids as she never mentions them, often leading viewers to forget she is a mother. In the sneak peek of the remainder of the season, it shows that she’s having complications during her breast aumentation. Doctors are calling her name as she lays unresponsive. So whether she actially used her $5,000 loan to help with her green card fees or for breast implants, it remains to be seen.

Dos Santos Lima has hinted via her Instagram that she is fully expecting to receive her green card even though she has three arrests looming over her from her domestic abuse charges while living with her ex-husband Colt. It’s still quite odd that she’s able to have such a luxurious filled with relaxing days by the pool sipping champigne and not having to work.

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 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8pm EST TLC.

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