Billy Madison’s Eric Gordon Vs. Happy Gilmore’s Shooter McGavin: Which Adam Sandler Villain Is Worse


Shooter McGavin

Shooter McGavin, on the other hand, pays one of his biggest fans, Donald, to heckle Happy Gilmore during a pro-am where he is paired with Bob Barker of The Price is Right. When Happy begins playing like absolute crap on account of letting Donald get in his head, Barker snaps and the two exchange blows, with the game show host getting the final word as Happy lies unconscious on the fairway.

Who’s Worse: Eric Gordon

This round has to go to Eric Gordon because he not only spent way too time much digging up old wrestling magazines (which sounds pretty fun, by the way), but he blackmailed a school official (which is considered a crime in most, if not all, states). All Shooter McGavin did was pay some goon to yell at Happy Gilmore and then not go with Donald to Red Lobster after all that trouble.

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