Chinese Drama As Beautiful as You Episode 7 Recap & Spoilers

Chinese Drama As Beautiful as You Episode 7 Recap & Spoilers

Chinese Drama As Beautiful as You Episode 7 Recap & Spoilers

The workplace romance Chinese drama As Beautiful as You, featuring Xu Kai and Tan Songyun in the lead roles, released episode 7 on July 4, 2024. As seen in the official trailer, Ji Xing (Tan Songyun) resigns from her job to start her own company. Episode 7 focuses on Ji Xing (Tan Songyun) falling sick from overworking.

In this episode, Zhou and Ji Xing struggle to purchase a 3D printer for their business. After giving it some thought, Zhou suggests that they rent it instead of buying it. They can try the physical cage first on a rented printer, and if it works, they can buy one. After making some calls, Ji Xing manages to set up a meeting with a technology company that has an idle printer. 

Meanwhile, Ji Xing receives a call from her friend, Li Li, about a possible investor. The latter has managed to convince one of her clients to talk to Ji Xing. But she is busy with buying the printer and sends Zhou instead. 

As Beautiful as You episode 7 spoilers

The client, who is interested in Li Li, rejects Zhou’s offer right away. Furthermore, he criticizes their business plan and belittles Zhou for not having proper resources. When he finally comes on board, he demands very high stocks in exchange of investing in the business. Meanwhile, he receives a call from Ji Xing that her meeting with the technology has fallen through as they are demanding a really high price.

Then, the episode shows Ji Xing and Yichen celebrating their fourth anniversary. Yichen surprises her with flowers in the morning, and they go on a date. While visiting a movie theater, the couple bump into Han Ting and Miss Zeng, Ji Xing’s former boss. Han Ting’s face drops when he hears Ji Xing introduce Yichen as her boyfriend. 

Why is Tan Songyun hospitalized?

While at the movies, Ji Xing receives a call from Zhou, who has set up an emergency meeting with a seller. Having no other choice, Ji Xing leaves her date halfway and rushes to meet him. But this meeting doesn’t become successful either, as the seller demands a price higher than they can afford. Zhou thinks that they should borrow some money to pay for the printer.

Ji Xin decides to call her friend, Li Li, and ask for some money. Like a good friend, Li Li agrees to lend her the amount. 

Han Ting is visibly upset by the fact that Ji Xing has a boyfriend. He expresses his frustration to a friend while playing basketball together. His friend updates him that Ji Xing has already worked on the analog product and, if Han Ting doesn’t make a move, she will accept another investor. But if he invests, she will become his employee, and he will get a chance to get close to her. 

After Ji Xing comes home from work, Yichen proposes to her for marriage. But his heart shatters when Ji Xing turns down his proposal because she wants to focus on her career. She doesn’t want people to think she married him as a backup plan. 

What happens in As Beautiful as You episode 7’s ending?

Meanwhile, Zhou can’t get a hold of the friend he bought the printer from. It appears that he has been having financial problems. He stole their deposit and vanished without a trace. Things get further complicated when Zhou’s father pesters him to forget about the business and come back home.

One of the employees of the company also resigns from the job. All the stress caused Ji Xing to pass out. 

Zhou meets up with Han Ting to demonstrate their product. But Han Ting is offended that Ji Xing did not come with him. After Zhou calls Ji Xing, he finds out that Ji Xing has been rushed to the hospital.

As Beautiful as You is available to stream throughout the week on Tencent VideoWeTV, and iQIYI

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