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Diablo 3 is a game where skills are what get things done when facing enemies. Each class has a very exhaustive list of skills both passive and active. Each class can have up to six active skills slotted at the same time and four passive ones. The combinations for each can be endless for each class and this only gets more complex when adding weapons or putting Kanai’s cube into the equation.

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We’ll be breaking down each class’s skill lists for both passive and active skills and give a quick bullet point for each skill to make hunting them down a bit more efficient. A small note to keep in mind is that the numbers are base percentages and numbers will be affected depending on weapons, armor, Paragon Points, etc. This is best used as a quick reference guide to help with building a great skill base for each class and also a method of knowing what each class can do in a nutshell.


Monk Passive Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Monk Female
  • Fleet Footed: 10% boost to movement speed
  • Resolve: Damage done by enemies cut by 20% for 4 seconds on enemies Monk deals damage to.
  • Exalted Soul: Max spirit raises by 50 points and spirit regeneration is raised by 4 points a second.
  • Transcendence: Each spirit point heals 429 points of life and the amount of health gained is raised by 0.4% of your max health heal bonus.
  • Chant of Resonance: 4 Spirit/Second when a mantra is used and lowering Mantra costs by 50%
  • Seize the Initiative: Attack speed is raised by 30% for 4 seconds when an enemy’s life is higher than 75% health.
  • The Guardian’s Path: 35% dodge while dual-wielding and spirit regeneration is raised by 15% with a two-handed weapon.
  • Sixth Sense: Non-Physical damage taken by the monk is lowered by 25%
  • Determination: Damage is raised by 4% to a maximum of 20% when the monk is 12 yards or closer to the enemy.
  • Relentless Assault: Enemies that are Blinded, Frozen or Stunned receive 20% more damage.
  • Beacon of Ytar: All cooldowns get cut by 20%.
  • Alacrity: Spirit Generators speed up their attacks by 15%
  • Harmony: All elements on the Monk’s items get a 40% increase for their resistances.
  • Combination Strike: Damage increases for the Monk if he uses different Spirit Generators by 10% for up to three seconds.
  • Near Death Experience: Every 60 seconds, upon getting enough damage to die, gain 35% Life and 35% Spirit. Monk becomes impervious to damage and control effects during this time for 2 seconds.
  • Unity: When allies receive a Mantra, it raises the Monk’s damage by 5% up to a maximum of 20% and the ally’s damage by 5%.
  • Momentum: Raises damage by 20% for six seconds when the Monk has moved 25 yards.
  • Mythic Rhythm: Damage from any skill that spends spirit gets a 40% damage bonus only once a Spirit Generator does three hits on an enemy.

Monk Active Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Monk Male
  • Fists of Thunder: Punch enemies in rapid succession after teleporting to them.
  • Deadly Reach: Each third hit can launch enemies in the air all while doing damage to multiple threats.
  • Crippling Wave: Punches causing effects on enemies such as lower attack power and movement speed.
  • Way Of the Hundred Fists: Strong punches designed to hit enemies in a small area.
  • Lashing Tail Kick:  Roundhouse kick that deals AOE damage.
  • Tempest Rush: Piercing damage attack
  • Wave of Light: Mystic Bell destroys enemies in a small radius.
  • Blinding Flash: Enemies are blinded for three seconds.
  • Breath of Heaven: Allies and Monk are healed.
  • Serenity: Gain invulnerability for three seconds.
  • Inner Sanctuary: Runic that lowers the damage inflicted on all allies inside the radius.
  • Dashing Strike: Dash attacks on the enemy.
  • Exploding Palm: Normal strike causing bleed with the added bonus that if the enemies die from the bleed, they will explode.
  • Sweeping Wind: AOE style attack where any enemy that touches the vortex gets damaged. It lasts for six seconds. Crit hits make the vortex more powerful.
  • Cyclone Strike: Cyclone sucks in enemies closer to the Monk all while doing damage to them as well.
  • Seven-Sided Strike: Attack making the Monk immune from any enemy attacks and dealing large amounts of damage.
  • Mystic Ally: For a small amount of time, the Mystical Ally’s damage is raised. When not active a Mystic Ally fights with the Monk.
  • Epiphany: Spirit Regeneration and dash attacks are increased for 15 seconds
  • Mantra of Salvation: While active resistances to all elements for allies is raised when active. When Passive, all resistances get raised.
  • Mantra of Retribution: Attacks are stronger while active. When passive, each block, dodge or hit received deals a percent of holy damage to the enemy.
  • Mantra of Healing: Shield activates that sucks in damage when active and when passive allies get healed.
  • Mantra of Conviction: When not in use, enemies absorb more damage, when being used, higher damage output for a small time.

Wizard Active Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Wizard Female
  • Blur: Damage taken is lessened by 17%
  • Power Hungry: If the enemy is farther than 30 yards, deal 30% more damage.
  • Evocation: All cooldowns are lowered by 20%
  • Glass Cannon: Armor and resistances are reduced by 10% but the damage output is increased by 15%
  • Prodigy: Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, and Electrocute gain an additional five Arcane Power
  • Astral Presence: Regeneration time for Arcane Power is raised by 2.5 seconds and the maximum arcane power level is raised by 20 points.
  • Illusionist: Cooldowns on Mirror Image, Slow Time, and Teleport are reset if more than 15% damage is taken in a 1-second time frame.
  • Cold Blooded: Any enemy that has been affected by chill or freeze takes an additional 10% of damage from all sources while the chill and freeze are in effect.
  • Conflagration: A burning effect takes place when enemies are hit with fire damage. This also increases the Wizard’s critical hit chance by 6% for 3 seconds.
  • Paralysis: 15% Stun effect increase for 1.5 seconds with lightning spells.
  • Galvanizing Ward: A shield that can absorb up to 60% of the Wizard’s health but he cannot have taken damage in the last five seconds for it to become active.
  • Temporal Flux: Enemies are slowed by 80% for two seconds if they get hit with Arcane damage.
  • Dominance: Gain a shield that absorbs 2% of the Wizard’s life for 3 seconds when killing an enemy which can also stack up to a maximum of 20%.
  • Arcane Dynamo: Activating Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, and Electrocute acquire Flash of Insight. After gaining Flash of Insight five times, the next spell which is not a signature spell gets a 60% damage increase.
  • Unstable Anomaly: Upon getting hit with a killing blow, a shield will activate that is equal to 400% f the Wizard’s maximum health for five seconds and also release a shockwave that both stuns and knocks back enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Unwavering Will: While standing still for 1.5 seconds gain 20% more armor, 20% increase to all resistances, and an extra 10% damage.
  • Audacity: Any enemy within 15 yards will get dealt with an additional 30% damage from the Wizard’s attacks.
  • Elemental Exposure: Dealing Cold, Fire, Arcane or Lightning damage adds a stack causing 5% damage for each additional, different element that lasts for five seconds. The maximum amount of stacks is four.

Wizard Passive Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Wizard Male
  • Magic Missile: Arcane energy bolts.
  • Shock Pulse: Random electricity traveling along the ground.
  • Spectral Blade: Mystical blades that cut multiple enemies.
  • Electrocute: Lightning hitting enemies in a chain up to three enemies deep.
  • Ray of Frost: Chilling enemies with beams of Cold magic.
  • Arcane Orb: Cast arcane magic orbs that explode on enemy contact.
  • Arcane Torrent: Arcane missiles rain down on enemies.
  • Disintegrate: Piercing energy beam that rips through enemies.
  • Frost Nova: Freezing beam locks enemies where they stand.
  • Diamond Skin: absorb all damage for a limited amount of time.
  • Slow time: Slows time for enemies while the Wizard remains unaffected.
  • Teleport: Teleport from one location to the other.
  • Wave of Force: Wave of energy damages anything in front of it.
  • Energy Twister: Tornado travels around the map dealing damage along its path
  • Hydra: Ancient creature is summoned that deals fire damage.
  • Meteor: Meteor drops on enemies scorching the earth and the enemies along with it.
  • Apocalypse: Blizzard applies slow and causes damage to enemies.
  • Ice Armor: Ice shield that also chills attackers.
  • Storm Armor: A storm surrounds the Wizard causing enemies to get electrocuted.
  • Magic Weapon: The Wizard’s weapons get infused with magic causing more damage to the enemy.
  • Familiar: Companion is summoned which assists the Wizard in attacking enemies.
  • Energy Armor: Arcane Power is funneled into Armor. This skill lowers the Wizard’s maximum Arcane power.
  • Explosive Blast: Harness energy and expels blast causing tremendous damage.
  • Mirror Image: Create duplicates of the Wizard that deal small amounts of damage and also taunt enemies.
  • Archon: Evolve into an entity of pure energy that has new abilities for only 20 seconds.
  • Black Hole: Sucks in enemies causing damage at the same time.

Barbarian Passive Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Barbarian Male
  • Pound of Flesh: Movement speed and health regeneration are raised by 4% and 2%/second respectively for 15 seconds when picking up a health globe. This can only stack up to five times.
  • Ruthless: Any enemy with 30% health or lower gets dealt 40% more damage.
  • Nerves of Steel: Any damage that would kill the Barbarian puts his life to 15%. At this point, all damage gets reduced by 95% as well as being immune to any control effects for 3 seconds.
  • Weapons Master: Main hand weapon bonus for the Barbarian depending on the weapon which is as follows: Swords/Daggers get 8% increased damage, Maces/Axes get an additional 5% Critical Hit Chance, Polearms/Spears give 8% attack speed, and Mighty Weapons add two Fury per hit.
  • Berserker Rage: When the Barbarian is very close to maximum Fury, he deals 25% more damage.
  • Inspiring Presence: Any Barbarian shout is doubled in duration. When using a shout, allies gain 4% regeneration on their maximum health for 120 seconds as long as they’re within 100 yards.
  • Bloodthirst: Each point of Fury used, regenerates four health per Fury point. The amount of healing received is raised based on 1% of the Barbarian’s health globe healing bonus.
  • Animosity: The generation of Fury is raised by 10% and Fury’s maximum is also raised by 20 points.
  • Superstition: Any damage that is received which is of a non-physical nature is reduced by 20%. If a ranged or elemental attack hits the Barbarian there is a small chance to get two points of Fury.
  • Tough as Nails: Armor is raised by 25% along with Thorns by 100%.
  • No Escape: Weapon Throw, Seismic Slam, Ancient Spear, and Avalanche have their damage raised by 30% as long as the enemy is 15 yards away or more.
  • Relentless: Fury costs are 50% less, damage taken is lessened by 50%, Health per Fury used is doubled. All these effects occur when the Barbarian is under 35% Health.
  • Brawler: When three enemies are within 12 yards or less, gain 20% damage.
  • Juggernaut: The Barbarian has a chance to gain 20% health when a Stun, Freeze, Fear, or Immobilize effect is cast on him. Control-impairing effects have their duration lowered by 50%.
  • Unforgiving: Fury is constantly regenerating at a rate of 2 Fury/second.
  • Boon of Bul-Kathos: Cooldowns for Earthquake, Call of the Ancients, and Wrath of the Berserker are lowered by 15, 30, and 30 seconds respectively.
  • Earthen Might: When Avalanche or Earthquake are used the Barbarian gets 30 Fury points.
  • Sword and Board: With a shield equipped, all damage is lowered by 30% and Fury costs are 20% less.
  • Rampage: Once an enemy has been killed or, the Barbarian assists on a kill, Strength goes up by 1% for eight seconds which can stack up to a maximum of 25% total.

Barbarian Active Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Barbarian Female
  • Bash: Powerful strike on one enemy.
  • Cleave: AOE weapon strike towards multiple enemies.
  • Frenzy: Attack Speed rises with each successful enemy hit.
  • Weapon Throw: Barbarian launches damage-dealing axe.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: Mystic hammer smashes down on enemies.
  • Rend: Attacks cause bleed for five seconds.
  • Seismic Slam: Damaging shockwaves towards multiple enemies.
  • Whirlwind: AOE weapon damage in a small area.
  • Ancient Spear: Piercing spear attack.
  • Ground Stomp: Stunning attack that affects enemies for four seconds
  • Leap: Jumping attack towards enemies. The length of the button push affects distance.
  • Sprint: Quicker run speed for three seconds.
  • Ignore Pain: damage reduction for five seconds.
  • Overpower: Close range attack with huge damage.
  • Revenge: The Barbarian gets healed each attack that lands on an enemy.
  • Furious Charge: one charge equals 15 Fury points.
  • Avalanche: Rockslide area attack.
  • Threatening Shout: Enemy attacks do less damage.
  • Battle Rage: damage and critical hit chance raises for 120 seconds.
  • War Cry: Shout that raises the Barbarian and his allies’ armor for 120 seconds.
  • Earthquake: Earth shakes causing damage for enemies in close proximity.
  • Call of the Ancients: Three heroes are summoned to assist the Barbarian for 20 seconds.
  • Wrath of the Berserker: 20 seconds of absolute Fury.

Demon Hunter Passive Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Male
  • Tactical Advantage: Using Vault, Shadow Power, Smoke Screen, or doing a backflip while using Evasive Fire gains a 60% movement speed for two seconds.
  • Thrill of the Hunt: Enemies are slowed down by 80% for two seconds when they are hit by The Demon Hunter’s Hatred spenders.
  • Blood Vengeance: Hatred is raised by 25 and get 20 Hatred and 3 Discipline when using a health globe.
  • Steady Aim: If there are no enemies inside a 10-yard radius, all damage is increased by 20%.
  • Cull the Weak: Slowed or Chilled enemies get an additional 20% of damage when hit.
  • Night Stalker: Four Hatred is gained when using the Demon Hunter’s primary skills.
  • Brooding: Standing still gains 3% health/second which can be stacked up to three times but the bonus starts from scratch five seconds after any movement.
  • Hot Pursuit: After hitting an enemy, movement speed is raised by 20% for four seconds.
  • Archery: Weapon bonuses gained for the Demon Hunter depending on the Bow or Crossbow held. Bonuses are a Bow gives 8% damage increased, Crossbow gives 50% critical hit damage, Hand Crossbow gives 5% critical hit chance, and a two-handed crossbow generates one Hatred/second.
  • Numbing Traps: Damage from enemies is reduced by 25% for five seconds if enemies are hit with either Slow, Chill, Fan of Knives, Spike Trap, Caltrops, Grenades or Sentry Fire.
  • Perfectionist: Discipline costs go down 10% while armor and all resistances to damage raise by 10%
  • Custom Engineering: Caltrops, Marked for Death, Spike Trap, and Sentry get a duration increase of 100%. Sentry charges and Spike Traps are increased to three and five respectively.
  • Grenadier: Grenades have their damage raised by 10% and the explosion radius is 20% larger. When the Demon Hunter dies, a grenade gets released that causes 1000% weapon damage that is fire damage.
  • Sharpshooter: Critical hit chance gets raised 4% each second and then once a critical hit is landed, it resets one second after.
  • Ballistics: Rocket damage raised by 100% and a 20% damage to get a homing rocket that will hit an enemy for 150% damage.
  • Leech: Get 13 life per hit on an enemy and get 75% health on kill.
  • Ambush: Any enemy with 75% health or higher gets 40% additional damage dealt.
  • Awareness: On getting a fatal blow, vanish for two seconds and get 50% of the Demon Hunter’s life back. This effect can only happen every 60 seconds.
  • Single Out: Enemies 20 yards or further allow the Demon Hunter to get 25% more critical hit chance.

Demon Hunter Active Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Female
  • Hungering Arrow: Enemy seeking arrow with piercing ability.
  • Entangling Shot: Up to two enemies can get an effect causing them to slow their movement speed with a shadow energy arrow.
  • Bola Shot: Exploding Bola.
  • Evasive Fire: Attack three enemies at once and if they get too close, the Demon Hunter performs a backflip
  • Grenades: Explosive that is able to bounce.
  • Impale: Piercing knife attack.
  • Rapid Fire: Relentless stream of arrows hurtling towards enemies while the Demon Hunter is still.
  • Chakram: Slicing blade attack.
  • Elemental Arrow: Piercing fire arrow attack.
  • Caltrops: Enemies slow down when hitting trap.
  • Smoke Screen: Vanish from the enemy’s sight for a small amount of time.
  • Shadow Power: Doing damage heals the Demon Hunter for five seconds.
  • Vault: The Demon Hunter does gymnastics tumbling to avoid damage.
  • Preparation: 30 Discipline is recovered immediately
  • Companion: While passive, a raven is summoned and while active, the raven does extra damage on its subsequent attack.
  • Marked for Death: Marked enemy takes extra damage.
  • Fan of Knives: Multiple knives slow and deal damage to multiple enemies.
  • Spike Trap: Exploding trap that uses Hatred.
  • Sentry: Attacking turret targeting nearby enemies.
  • Vengeance: 20 seconds of becoming the living version of Vengeance.
  • Strafe: Shooting arrows while moving.
  • Multishot: Raining multiple arrows on enemies.
  • Cluster Arrow: Fragmenting grenades originally shot from arrows.
  • Rain of Vengence: Arrows falling from the heavens.

Necromancer Passive Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Necromancer Female
  • Life from Death: Chance to spawn a health globe when devouring a corpse.
  • Fueled by Death: Movement speed gets raised 3% for five seconds when devouring a corpse which can be stacked up to 10 times.
  • Stand Alone: Gain 100% extra armor but each minion summoned reduces this number by 10%
  • Bone Prison: Enemies have a 30% chance to get trapped in a bone prison for three seconds when Bone Spear, Bone Spikes, and Bone Spirit are used.
  • Swift Harvesting: Bone Spikes, Siphon Blood, and Grim Sythe get a speed boost of 15%
  • Commander of the Risen Dead: Cooldown of Command Golem and cost for Command Skeletons is dropped by 30%
  • Extended Servitude: Skeletal mage lasts 25% longer and minions get revived.
  • Rigor Mortis: Enemies’ attack speed and movement are slowed by 30% for five seconds when using poison abilities.
  • Overwhelming Essence: Essence gets a 40 point rise from its maximum amount.
  • Dark Reaping: Receive 2% Essence and health per kill when using a scythe.
  • Spreading Malediction: Each curse that affects an enemy gives the Necromancer 1% extra damage.
  • Eternal Torment: Curses last forever and cost 50% less
  • Final Service: All damage is prevented for four seconds upon getting a fatal blow in addition to gaining 10% health for each minion devoured. This effect can only be used once every 60 seconds.
  • Grisly Tribute: When a minion hits an enemy, gain 10% health regeneration.
  • Draw Life: Each enemy in a 20-yard vicinity increases the Necromancer’s health regeneration by 10%
  • Serration: Every 1.5 yards that the enemy is away from the Necromancer Bone Spikes, Bone Spear, and Bone Spirit do 1% extra damage to a maximum of 20%
  • Aberrant Animator: Thorns on minions deal 200% damage.
  • Blood for Blood: Stacking up to 10 times, Once a health globe is picked up, the next blood spell has no health cost.
  • Blood is Power: Each time the Necromancer loses a total of 100% health done in a cumulative manner, All ability cooldowns are dropped by 20% but can only have an effect on an ability once.
  • Rathma’s Shield: Once using Land of the Dead, Army of the Dead, or Simulacrum, no health can be lost for four seconds.

Necromancer Active Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Necromancer Male
  • Bone Spikes: 150% weapon damage acting as physical damage dealt from bone spikes protruding from the ground.
  • Bone Spear: Piercing attack dealing 500% physical weapon damage
  • Grim Scythe: Physical weapon damage hitting for 150%
  • Corpse Explosion: Up to five corpses in an 11-yard radius explode causing 350% physical weapon damage to enemies up to 20 yards away.
  • Skeletal Mage: Skeletons rise from the earth attacking twice causing 400% weapon damage for six seconds.
  • Corpse Lance: Corpses become projectiles dealing 1750% Physical weapon damage.
  • Command Skeleton: Passively resurrect a skeleton dealing 50% damage every two seconds up to a maximum of seven skeletons at a time. When active, minions attack enemies and deal 50% extra damage.
  • Siphon Blood: Heal for 2% of maximum health  per second while siphoning blood from the enemy dealing 300% physical weapon damage at the same time.
  • Death Nova: Poison damage AOE for 350% to any enemy within 25 yards.
  • Command Golem: While active, Golem reaches a location of the Necromancer’s choosing and breaks apart into five corpses. When passive, Flesh Golem is summoned that deals 450% physical weapon damage to enemies.
  • Decrepify: Enemies do reduced damage by 30% for 30 seconds and get a reduced movement speed down 75% via a curse delivered by the Necromancer.
  • Devour: Corpses help to regenerate 10 Essence per devoured corpse within 60 yards.
  • Leech: Enemies cursed with Leech heal Necromancer for 2% of the enemy’s health. This curse lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Bone Armor: Armor created by bones torn from enemies which deal 125% weapon damage but also reduced damage taken by 3% for each enemy a bone was taken from up to a maximum of 10 enemies. The effects last for 60 seconds.
  • Army of the Dead: Army of skeletons attacks targeted area dealing 12,000% damage within 15 yards.
  • Frailty: Curse killing any enemy with less than 15% health but lasts 30 seconds.
  • Revive: Revive up to 10 corpses for 15 seconds so long as they’re within 20 yards.
  • Bone Spirit: Homing Bone Spirit hitting for 4,000% weapon damage on enemy contact. Whenever a corpse is consumed, cooldown time is lessened by 1 second. Charges are also generated every 15 seconds and up to a maximum of 3 charges can be stored.
  • Blood Rush: Method of teleportation up to 50 yards.
  • Land of the Dead: Any and all corpse skills can be used for 10 seconds.
  • Simulacrum: Clone of a secondary skill is created for 15 seconds.

Witch Doctor Passive Skill List in Diablo 3

  • Circle of Life: 15% chance that a Zombie Dog will be summoned if an enemy dies within 20 yards of the Witch Doctor.
  • Jungle Fortitude: The Witch Doctor and his pets get a reduction in damage of 15%
  • Spiritual Attunement: Mana is regenerated at 2%/second with the Maximum amount of mana raising by 10%.
  • Gruesome Feast: 10% of the Witch Doctor’s maximum mana and intelligence are regained for 15 seconds while the intelligence bonus stacks only five times. These effects happen when getting a health globe.
  • Bad Medicine: Enemies deal 25% less damage for five seconds when they are afflicted by poison.
  • Blood Ritual: Life is regained by 1%/second while health helps mana costs by 20%.
  • Zombie Handler: The Witch Doctor’s health along with Zombie dogs and Gargantuan are raised by 20% and an additional Zombie dog can be summoned.
  • Pierce the Veil: Mana costs are raised by 30% all while damage is raised by 20%
  • Fetish Sycophants: 15% chance to have a Fetish called upon dealing dagger damage to enemies for 60 seconds when casting spells.
  • Spirit Vessel: 50% health is gained when receiving fatal damage while in the spirit realm for two seconds after getting hit with a fatal blow.
  • Rush of Essence: Haunt, Horrify, Mass Confusion, Soul Harvest, Spirit Barrage, and Spirit Walk regenerate 100 mana over 10 seconds.
  • Vision Quest: Damage done with Corpse Spiders, Firebomb, Plague of Toads, or Poison Dart causes mana to regenerate by 40% for five seconds.
  • Fierce Loyalty: When a Gargantuan, Zombie Dog, or Fetish is summoned the Witch Doctor gains 15% movement speed but if they are not summoned that number is 30%
  • Grave Injustice: If an enemy dies within 20 yards gain 1% health and mana. All skills reduce their cooldowns by one second as well.
  • Tribal Rites: Hex, Gargantuan, Fetish Army, Summon Zombie Dogs, Big Bad Voodoo, and Mass Confusion have their cooldowns lowered by 25%
  • Confidence Ritual: Enemies within 20 yards of the Witch Doctor take 25% more damage.
  • Creeping Death: Damage is amplified almost forever on Haunt, Locust Swarm and Piranhas.
  • Swampland Attunement: Gain 12 points of resistance for Physical, Poison, Fire, and Cold for the Witch Doctor and their pets for each enemy within 20 yards.
  • Midnight Feast: 50% more damage dealt by Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan and an additional Zombie Dog can be summoned.

Witch Doctor Active Skill List in Diablo 3

  • Poison Dart: Dart causing poison damage to the enemy.
  • Corpse Spiders: Spiders attack enemies and die shortly afterward.
  • Plague of Toads: Exploding toads.
  • Firebomb: Skull that explodes on impact.
  • Grasp of the Dead: Hands dealing damage and causing slow when summoned.
  • Firebats: A bat colony enveloping the enemy.
  • Haunt: Spirit haunts an enemy and jumps to another victim when the enemy dies.
  • Locust Swarm: Enemies get attacked by Locusts.
  • Summon Zombie Dogs: Three Zombie Dogs are summoned acting as familiars.
  • Horrify: Frighten enemies in close proximity.
  • Spirit Walk: Enter the spirit realm and travel faster.
  • Hex: Enemies turn into chickens upon the summoning of a Fetish.
  • Soul Harvest: Feed on enemies to raise your health and intelligence for 30 seconds.
  • Sacrifice: Zombie Dogs that have been summoned sacrifice themselves to do explosive damage.
  • Mass Confusion: Enemies get mind-controlled into fighting for the Witch Doctor.
  • Zombie Charger: Charging zombie that eventually decomposes.
  • Spirit Barrage: Unstoppable spirit blast.
  • Acid Cloud: Poisonous pools form from the acid rain.
  • Wall of Death: Wall of Zombies preventing damage to the Witch Doctor.
  • Piranhas: School of deadly Piranhas attacking enemies while afflicting them with a susceptibility to take more damage.
  • Gargantuan: Gargantuan Zombie gets summoned as a familiar.
  • Big Bad Voodoo: All allies receive an attack and movement speed bonus from a Fetish.
  • Fetish Army: Army of Fetishes.

Crusader Passive Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Crusader Male
  • Fervor: Attack speed is raised by 15% and cooldowns are dropped by 15% when holding a one-handed weapon
  • Heavenly Strength: The Crusader is able to hold a shield in one hand and a two-handed sword in the other. This allows a 20% damage reduction.
  • Vigilant: Health is restored incrementally and damage from non-physical sources is reduced by 20%
  • Righteousness: Wrath gives 3 points for each primary skill used. Maximum Wrath is also increased by 30 points
  • Insurmountable: Gain six Wrath for each attack that is blocked.
  • Fanaticism: Punish, Slash, Smite, and Justice gets an attack speed boost of 15%
  • Indestructible: Increased regeneration speed, damage, and an immunity effect when getting a fatal blow. This effect can only be used once every 60 seconds.
  • Holy Cause: Damage done with the Crusader’s weapon is increased by 10% while having the added effect of healing the Crusader for 1% of their health when dealing Holy damage.
  • Wrathful: Healing is done by using Wrath points. Each healing globe also restores 1% of health.
  • Divine Fortress: Block chance gives a bonus to Armor that is reflective of the percentage to block.
  • Lord Commander: Phalanx damage is raised by 20%. The cooldowns for Steed Charge and Bombardment are lowered by 25% and 35% respectively.
  • Hold Your Ground: Chance to block is raised by 30% with the side effect of being unable to dodge.
  • Long Arm of the Law: All Laws gain five additional seconds of duration.
  • Iron Maiden: 50% Increase on Thorns damage.
  • Renewal: Each block regenerates health for the Crusader.
  • Finery: Every gem that is socketed on the Crusader raises their Strength by 1.5%
  • Blunt: Justice and Blessed Hammer get a damage boost of 20%
  • Towering Shield: Shield Bash and Blessed shield do 20% more damage while Shield Glare gets a cooldown reduction of 30%

Crusader Active Skill List in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Crusader Female
  • Punish: Must have a shield to activate. Gain a 15% higher block chance for five seconds which is called Hardened Senses and deal bonus weapon damage.
  • Shield Bash: 300% Holy damage and 700% weapon damage dealt to enemies while striking them on a rush attack.
  • Slash: Weapon damage counting as fire is inflicted on the enemy to the tune of 230%
  • Shield Glare: Enemies are blinded for 4 seconds up to 30 yards away but must have a shield to activate.
  • Sweep Attack: Devastating weapon damage to any enemy within an 18-yard radius for 480% damage.
  • Iron Skin: All damage for four seconds is absorbed by 50%.
  • Provoke: Any enemy in nearby proximity gets taunted for four seconds and five Wrath becomes generated for each enemy affected by the taunt.
  • Smite: Deal 175% damage with holy chains up to 30 yards and when they get broken, the damage lowers to 150% and the radius is 20 yards for only three enemies.
  • Blessed Hammer: AOE damage with a hammer dealing 320% Holy damage on hit.
  • Steed Charge: Gain immunity for two seconds while on a heavenly horse.
  • Laws of Valor: Passively give 8% attack speed to the Crusader and his team and when active the speed raises to 15% for only five seconds.
  • Justice: Hammer deals 245% weapon damage.
  • Consecration: Healing circle forms around the Crusader 20 yards out, healing the Crusader and any friendlies for 10 seconds while in the circle.
  • Laws of Justice: Gain 490 points of resilience to all elements for five seconds when active and when passive only 140 points.
  • Falling Sword: Massive weapon damage attack dealing 1700% damage to everything in a 14-yard radius.
  • Blessed Shield: Throw shield which transfers block chance to weapon damage. The shield will bounce to three different enemies and deals 430% base weapon damage with up to 250% damage from the block chance.
  • Condemn: After three seconds of harnessing energy, deal 1160% Holy damage to any enemy in a 15-yard radius.
  • Judgment: Immobilize enemies in a 20-yard radius for six seconds.
  • Laws of Hope: Passively gain small amounts of health for the Crusader and allies each second. When active a shield envelops the party that absorbs 124,128 damage.
  • Akarat’s Champion: Damage is raised by 35% along with Wrath being regenerated by a factor of five for 20 seconds.
  • Fist of the Heavens: Lightning explosion causing 545% weapon damage to any enemy within eight yards. It also causes lightning bolts that arc in six different ways to deal lightning damage.
  • Phalanx: Charging avatars are summons dealing 490% weapon damage to anything in their path.
  • Heaven’s Fury: 1710% Holy damage dealt to enemies over six seconds for any of them caught in the beam.
  • Bombardment: With an impact zone of 12 yards, any enemy hit with the rain of five orbs dealing 2850% of weapon damage.

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Diablo 3 is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

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