‘Hawkeye’ Viewership 40% Behind ‘Loki’ Premiere In Samba-Measured Disney+ Homes

The first episode of Marvel’s Hawkeye on Disney+ drew 1.5M U.S. households over the Wednesday-Sunday holiday stretch, while 1.3M stuck around and watched the second episode.
This is according to the latest streaming viewership stats from Samba TV which measures 3M U.S. households, and what they watch on streaming over a five-minute increment. That first episode number for Hawkeye trails the 5-day U.S. household viewership figure for Disney+/Marvel’s Loki which was watched by 2.5M homes over June 9-13 by -40%. Hawkeye‘s first episode premiere also ranks behind Loki‘s finale which pulled in 1.9M homes over five days per Samba TV. Hawkeye‘s 5-day is also behind the 3-day premieres of Disney+/Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Solider (1.8M) and WandaVision (1.6M).

The number of Disney+ subscribers stands at 118.1M worldwide, with roughly more than a third of that coming from North America.

Hawkeye, which critics have praised at 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, follows Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) as she takes up the bow and arrow and title of the Avenger Hawkeye, as she encounters the original hero Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in NYC while he’s on holiday with his family.  Hawkeye is the fourth live-action MCU series on Disney+.

The US audience of Hawkeye‘s first episode skewed slightly female (+4%). Of the top 25 largest markets for the show, Portland, OR over-indexed the most (+34%), followed by Seattle, WA (+31%) and Philadelphia, PA (+21%) for episode one.

Samba TV recently began monitoring viewership on Netflix, and to give you an idea of what a behemoth that streamer is stateside versus two-year old Disney+, the Reed Hastings-Ted Sarandos’ led studio saw 4.2M U.S. households tune into the opening weekend of the Dwayne Johnson-Gal Gadot-Ryan Reynolds $200M action movie Red Notice over Nov. 12-14, decimating all HBO Max/theatrical titles and Disney+ movies and series premieres, as measured by Samba TV. Samba TV’s measuring doesn’t include mobile views.

Hawkeye episode 101 over five days drew 199K UK homes, 63K German homes, and 10K in Australia over Wednesday-Sunday. The second episode counted 177K UK homes, 60K in Germany, and 7K in Australia.

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