Overwatch 2 Season 4 Roadmap Lays Out New Cosmetics & Events

Overwatch 2‘s Season 4 is just under a week from its April 11 launch. Blizzard Entertainment has slowly been revealing details about it mostly by focusing on its new hero. But the latest trailer is more about the season as a whole and points out many of the cosmetics and events players can expect.

As noted by the above picture and accompanying post, Blizzard has laid out what Season 4 has in store. Lifeweaver is the new hero launching on April 11 with the season, which was already known, but there will also be a new game mode called B.O.B. and Weave. It’s a three-on-three deathmatch where everyone plays Lifeweaver. However, each team also has a B.O.B., the omnic butler from Ashe’s ultimate, that they can pull around the map using Lifeweaver’s Life Grip ability. Players can also earn a free Lifeweaver skin during this event, which ends on April 25.

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The non-canon Talantis fan-made map opens up on April 25, as well. It’s full of death pits, jump pads, and fish will be in the Arcade until May 1.

The next event doesn’t kick off until the following week on May 9, which is the Starwatch event. It comes with a new comic, as well as some more skins and another mode. It’s a four-on-four mode with new objectives and “surprises” and takes place on a reworked version of the Horizon Lunar Colony map. It pits the Watchers against the Infinite Empire, and skins will dictate the characters on each team. The costumes will all be in the premium battle pass, as shown by the above gallery. It’ll run until May 22. This same theme is behind the new Mythic skin, which turns Sigma in a galactic emperor.

The Battle for Olympus event is also coming back to Overwatch 2 from May 23 to May 29. It will also now have a team deathmatch variant, too, along with the free-for-all version it launched with.

Symmetra is also getting her own challenge that will run from May 23 to May 29 with the Battle for Olympus rerun. Completing certain in-game challenges will net users spring-inspired rewards and a gardening skin for Symmetra. And finally, Overwatch 2 is holding its first Pride event on June 1. However, the team didn’t give many details about this LGBTQ+ event.

The trailer even showcased some of the other skins that will be in the shop and battle pass. These include an omnic skin for Junkrat and Roadhog, cardboard armor for Reinhardt, and more. The roadmap image had two other skins for Tracer, as well, hinting that Blizzard hasn’t shown everything just yet.

Following the trailer’s debut, the team held a livestream that went over some of the new changes. Brigitte, for example, is getting reworked. Her ultimate no longer builds temporary health, but does add 100 armor points, increases the size and health of her shield, and brings back the stun ability for her shield. However, her bonus speed has been dialed down from 30% to 15%. Sigma, Reinhardt, and Cassidy are also being tweaked to be a bit less lethal, and Mercy is being nerfed after changes Blizzard made to her in Season 3 were not received well.

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