Quentin Tarantino And 8 Other Directors Who Wouldn’t Or Couldn’t Change Their Movies For China


Filmmakers can be very protective of their movies. If you spend two, three, four or more years working on a project, meticulously analyzing and re-analyzing every single facet of the project, you want it to be seen in its complete form. Compromises will be made, certainly, but there are a lot of auteurs who have fought hard to keep the movie they want to make intact. Therefore, when it comes to China’s film board and their often-strict regulations for what can be permitted in their theaters, there are some filmmakers (or, rather, film studios) who’ll willfully make changes if possible, but there are other moviemakers, like Quentin Tarantino, who will refuse to make concessions. Such was the case with 2019’s Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.

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