Shimane Illuminati Saga Season 3 Trailer Features New Opening Theme by UVERworld

Blue Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati Saga, produced by Studio VOLN, released a new trailer, and announced its release window. While the anime sequel was announced in December 2022, the new trailer was just recently dropped. Now, the show is almost set to hit the screens, and the fans seem to be looking forward to it. 

Along with the trailer, a new opening theme song called ‘Eye’s Sentry’ was also revealed. This theme song is previewed in the trailer itself and is performed by UVERworld. This is great news for the fans who have followed UVERworld’s contribution to the theme song of My Hero Academia.

A-1 Pictures was previously the production studio of the anime series, but Studio VOLN has been announced as the new production company for season 3. The story will follow the sixth arc of the Blue Exorcist series from the manga, called the Shimane Illuminati arc. The fans are beyond excited about the premiere. 

Check the brand-new trailer here:

Blue Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati Saga Season 3 release date

Written by Kazue Kato, the manga’s debut was featured in April 2009, in the Jump Square Magazine by Shueisha. The expectations from the anime are high given that the fans loved the manga series. 

Though the exact date has not been announced yet, the brand new season will air in January 2024, in Japan. However, word on the release of the English dub is heard. Moreover, since Crunchyroll was streaming the previous seasons, season 3 is anticipated to air on the same platform.

Photo Credit: Studio VOLN

The protagonist, Rin Okumura, and Yukio Okumura are featured in the trailer, indicating that they will be the main focus of the series in this upcoming season. The comeback is quite anticipated and the fans seem to know what to expect from the show. 

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