SoulWorker: Anime Legends Announced, Arrives On Mobile This Month


Publisher Gameforge and developer Aprogen Games announced today that SoulWorker: Anime Legends will bring the SoulWorker anime action MMO brand to mobile devices later this month for both iOS and Android. SoulWorker is a free-to-play anime action MMO that is popular on Steam, combining skill combos with a battle system that emphasizes precision inputs to help navigate a post-apocalyptic world that oozes anime style.

While it isn’t the most well-known MMO property – that’s still reserved for giants like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIVSoulWorker has been making a name for itself over the years as a quality anime MMO experience that offers several different selling points that help differentiate it from the rest. It’s been a popular game in its own right, too, with consistent updates and an active, passionate community supporting it.

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Announced today, SoulWorker: Anime Legends will strive to bring that same level of anime MMO action to mobile devices later this month, as Gameforge and Aprogen Games spearhead the leap to both iOS and Android. SoulWorker: Anime Legends will be characterized by its high-energy battles and cinematic gameplay, while offering fans of the series who already enjoy the PC experience brand new quests that will help enhance their understanding of the SoulWorker world. The announcement was accompanied by a teaser trailer that showed off the mobile title’s impressive visual smoothness, accompanied by the invitation for fans to create their own “anime champion.”

SoulWorker Anime Legends Combat Damage

Like its PC version, SoulWorker: Anime Legends will let players choose between six different heroes who must stop the Great Void from destroying the world and allowing demons to run rampant in its ruins. SoulWorker: Anime Legends will allow fans to play as already-established characters within the SoulWorker universe, each with distinct classes: Lilly Bloommerchen (Mist Scythe), Erwin Arclight (Gun Jazz), Iris Yuma (Hammer Stol), Haru Estia (Soulum Sword), Jin Seipatsu (Spirit Arms) and Stella Unibell (Howling Guitar). SoulWorker: Anime Legends will offer players new areas, maps, and content, which includes PvE and PvP features and 8×4 mazes to explore. Character progression will also be available in the form of character exclusive battle skills which help players discover new combos tied into the game’s emotion system.

SoulWorker Anime Legends Combat

SoulWorker occupies a unique niche of the MMO market and has done well in establishing a fanbase and keeping them happy with meaningful updates. That’s a solid pedigree for SoulWorker: Anime Legends to lean on, and should make it worth a look when it arrives on mobile platforms later this month, free for iOS and Android devices. Gameforge and Aprogen Games also already plan to provide post-launch content, so SoulWorker: Anime Legends will be supported out of the gate as it attempts to bring anime MMO action to mobile.

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SoulWorker: Anime Legends releases later this month, July 2020, for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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