Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Special Features Trailer Includes New Footage


Now Spider-Man: Far From Home’s theatrical run is almost over, but that just means you don’t have much longer to wait to watch it on home media, and a new trailer is out teasing the special features that also has some new footage sprinkled in. Check it out!

You’ll recall in the months leading up to Spider-Man: Far From Home’s theatrical release that one of the trailers showed an Iron Spider-suited Spidey fighting off some mobsters in a restaurant. But when the movie arrived in theaters, this fight was nowhere to be seen, with Peter Parker, Tom Holland, explaining that the sequence and some scenes of Peter running errands before his trip to Europe were removed because they “slowed down the beginning of the movie.”

This footage was later added back in for the Spider-Man: Far From Home Labor day weekend re-release, but in case you didn’t catch that re-release, you can watch Spider-Man’s tussle with the Manfredi crime family and these other deleted scenes as a short film, titled “Peter’s To-Do List.” The snippet included in this trailer shows Peter making easy work of these mobsters with the Iron Spider’s high-tech webbing. Maybe if he’d been wearing that suit while in Europe, he might have had better luck dealing with Mysterio.

Although Spider-Man: Far From Home’s mid-credits scene overthrew the character’s status quo and included a shocking, yet oh-so-welcome cameo, now that Sony has taken Spidey out the MCU, it’s unclear what’s next for the Web-Slinger. Tom Holland will keep playing the superhero, but given how much of his superhero journey was tied to other corners of the MCU, we still have yet to learn if future Spider-Man movies will at least be able to reference those events or if this will be a full split from the franchise.

Which is what makes Spider-Man: Far From Home’s home release so bittersweet. Yes, fans can now watch the most commercially successful Spider-Man movie in the comfort of their own home, but while many of those who saw the movie in theaters left excited for what was to come, now we’re left wondering what could have been had Disney and Sony been able to keep working together.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige claims the Spider-Man deal “was never meant to last forever,” but I suspect he and the MCU brass would have like Spidey to stick around longer than five movies. In any case, Spider-Man: Far From Home drops on Digital HD next Tuesday, September 17, and the Blu-ray and DVD copies will arrive on October 1.

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