‘Unhinged’ Going July 31 In Wake Of ‘Tenet’ Summer Shift


Solstice Studios had said that it wasn’t going to move Unhinged if Tenet moved, but the company had second thoughts and now is jumping the Russell Crowe road-rage movie from July 1 to July 10.

That means no movie over the Fourth of July weekend.

I’ve heard that AMC is planning an early-July opening, post-Independence Day, and it could be pegged to Unhinged. Hopefully the other circuits don’t push their reopening dates given the new delay in the summer release calendar spurred by Tenet going from July 17 to July 31still . Director Christopher Nolan will have his third-weekend-in-July date, though: Warner Bros. will have a 10th anniversary re-issue of Inception on that weekend.

‘Tenet’ Moves To July 31; 10th Anniversary Re-release Of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ To Go On July 17

Unhinged takes an ordinary, everyday incident to its most terrifying conclusion in telling the story of a mother who leans on her horn at the wrong time, to the wrong guy. Road rage doesn’t begin to describe what he’s about to do to her and everyone she knows. That role is played by Crowe, the Oscar winner who can dial up the intensity like few actors can. Derrick Borte directed the Carl Ellsworth script, and Caren Pistorius, Gabriel Bateman, Jimmi Simpson and Austin P. McKenzie also star.

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