What Movies To Watch If You Like The Stranger Things Cast


Natalia Dyer – Yes, God, Yes (Amazon Rental)

Sadly, Natalia Dyer hasn’t gotten enough time to shine on Stranger Things. She’s a clear talent, though she can be overlooked in the popular Netflix series. Whenever she gets a chance to prove herself, Dyer is an exceptional talent, as was the case with Karen Maine’s appealing directorial debut, Yes, God, Yes, from earlier this year. The personal, reflective indie from the Obvious Child co-writer is meticulous in its period recreation, recapturing the look and feel of its time. 

A young, sheltered early 2000s Christian teen comes to terms with her budding sexuality in a strict, ultra-conservative environment. Dyer’s bright eyes, inquisitive facial features, and intentionally demurred body language do wonders to reveal the insecurity and introspection of its inquiring, soul-searching protagonist. It’s a charming, winning star vehicle for this undervalued actress.

Rent It On Amazon here. Also Currently Available On Virtual Cinemas.

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