Why Warner Bros’ Big HBO Max Decision Doesn’t Mean The Death Of Theaters


The HBO Max Window Is Still Pretty Limited

It’s not like the Warner Bros/HBO Max strategy is even a long term fix anyway. Rather, from the stipulations that are put on the debut of films like Wonder Woman 1984, it’s a pretty limited window if you want to get in on the action from your couch. As the movie will become a theatrical exclusive after the initial month of simultaneous release, there’ll still be a window of exclusivity to theaters. If people like the DC Comics film enough, and if it’s safe enough in their market, they might head out to see Wonder Woman 1984, or any of the other Warner Bros releases in this model, again in theaters. Not to mention that with Warner Bros only announcing this model for the studio’s 2021 release slate, it’s not like the theater is being by-passed altogether.

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